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Dry hire, to put it simply, is the option of hiring special effects equipment kit to operate yourself. We pack it up, ship it to you and then return it back. It is one of, if not the, most cost effective ways of adding something truly spectacular to your events. Let’s delve into why dry hire equipment may be the best solution to your requirements.

Benefits of Dry Hire Equipment

In a market where customers are demanding more bang for their buck, it is important to keep one step ahead to deliver unforgettable experiences. Unfortunately, with costs increasing and purse strings tightening the desire to add the wow factor to events may take a back seat. However, with the option of dry hiring our special effects kit, there’s no need for that to happen. Let us explain why.


Want to test your effect multiple times before show time? Sure thing! Need to keep changing your lay out for a demanding client? No problem. Have to get that perfect shot for social media? Go ahead. The possibilities are endless. When you dry hire, you have complete autonomy and flexibility over the how’s, whys and when’s. “But I’ve only used special effects once before and I can’t remember what to do!” we hear you cry. Don’t worry, we can help with that too. 

 On hand support

We know the world of special effects can be daunting. That is why we have a team dedicated to managing dry hires and providing you with all the support you need. You can even visit our warehouse where we can guide you through the correct and safe operation of your chosen effect. We want you to feel confident with what you are doing, to make sure things are done safely and go off with a bang (did you really think we’d get through this blog without using that joke?!) We are a friendly bunch and someone is always around to help should you need it. 

What are Wet Hire vs Dry Hire Rates?

So, we touched on the cost savings you can enjoy from dry hiring vs wet hiring (kit plus operator). Let’s dig into this a little deeper. Research has shown that the average price of a dry hire is £1,200. Compared to the that of a wet hire which comes in at £4,500, almost triple the cost. When you dry hire kit, you are taking out the costs associated with rigging and de rigging, the price tag of a skilled operator, transport and much, much more. A no brainer? We think so!

We can sit and boast about the benefits of dry hire all day, but we encourage you to try it for yourself. 

Enquire about Dry Hire with Entertainment Effects 

Our team of experts can provide you with the perfect equipment to make your event a success.
If you have any questions or require any further information about our hire range, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.  

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