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Water Projection Screen

This product is a projection screen made from water, which allows for an image or video to be projected directly onto it. One of the unique selling points of this innovative product is that, unlike a normal screen which is visible or needs to be lowered from a ceiling, the water projection screen can appear instantly as if from nowhere.

There are two different products used to create the water projection screen and they’re often used in different scenarios – a Water Screen which uses falling water and is most commonly used indoors, and a Plate Screen which forces water upwards and is only suitable for outdoor applications.

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Take That Strictly Come Dancing

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The projection has to take place from the rear, so it’s important to consider the position of the projector as a lot of space is usually required.

It also needs to be very dark for the projection to be visible. For outdoor use, the water projection is only really suitable at night. For indoor use, the area behind the water where the projector is located must be as dark as possible, so a black box (using truss or pipe and drape) must be constructed.


The water screen is made up of three rows of very fine jets of water, making a continuous wall.

The system is a great alternative to a standard projection screen as it can be used to fill large spaces up to 10-metres wide.

Adding a real sense of theatre to large events, water projection is ideal for awards ceremonies and live performances.


This screen is usually floated in a lake and attached to a very large submersible pump.

Water is fired into the specially designed plate and forced up into the air to create a huge semi-circle of mist.

Our Plate Screen is circa 25-metres wide by 10-metres high, but larger sizes can be sourced if desired. An alternative if you need a larger screen is to angle two of our monster pumps which create a 25-metre tall jet. These can be fired towards each other so that when they hit, a mist is created by the falling water from the towering jets.


  • Picture quality – The effect of the water projection is elegant and eye-catching, but the image is not HD quality. The best results are achieved by viewing the screen at a distance in excess of 5-metres. The further away from the screen, the clearer the image becomes.
  • Content – When considering designs to be displayed, remember that small text is not clearly visible. Large text and bold images are best advised.
  • Rear projection – The image bleeds through the water and can be visible on low ceilings in front of the screen.
  • Weather – When used outside, both the Water Screen and Plate Screen is susceptible to the wind, which can blow the screen and affect its performance.
  • Power – All screens require power to run the pumps. We will calculate the exact power requirements but you could run a very small screen from a 13/16 amp plug and most will require a 32 amp supply. Our larger outdoor screens can require a 32amp 3-Phase supply. If there happens to be no power available, our team can also supply a generator.


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At Entertainment Effects, we specialise in temporary installations for events but do not work on permanent installations.

Water Screen Setup & Installation:

The Water Screen is usually hung on a truss and we build a supply and catchment tank below, creating a self-contained system which circulates the water.

Along with the black box construction behind the screen, it usually takes our team around 4-6 hours to complete the setup and installation.

Plate Screen Setup & Installation:

A Plate Screen is usually much quicker to set up and install than a Water Screen.

We simply drop the frame in the water, lift in the pump and then float it into position.

This product is often positioned 30-40 metres offshore, so the most lengthy process is securing the floating frame, usually with wires back to mooring points on the shore.

Full installation can be estimated at around 2 hours.


The Plate Screen uses a lot of water and spreads it over a wide area. This makes floating it in a lake the only plausible option, unless you want to run the feature for a very short period of time, as it will drain even a large tank in a few minutes.

To float the frame, we require a minimum of 1-metre water depth.


Once the screen is installed, you can use it for as long as you wish. Most clients keep the feature running for the duration of their event.

The Water Screen circulates the water so it’s self-sufficient and the Plate Screen has an unlimited water supply in the lake, so that too can run continuously.

The Plate Screen needs to be used at night, so you’re just restricted by the sunset and sunrise.


Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, but our pumps are IP68 rated and specifically designed for this purpose.

We complete a site-specific RAMS document, detailing our Risk Assessment and Method Statement in detail.

Legionella’s disease is often a concern for many event organisers when an airborne water element is included. Luckily, Entertainment Effects take all the necessary health and safety measures to avoid this, which you can learn more about on our Water Special Effects page.


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