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Every business, no matter how large or small, is driven by its workforce, and it’s no surprise that if you search for the ‘best companies in the UK’ you will find those at the top are the ones that invest heavily in fostering a positive workplace for their staff.

Hosting all-expenses-paid staff parties are just one of the perks companies use to entice and reward their employees, and for those with the biggest budgets, no expense is spared to offer their people a breathtakingly magical experience to remember. These are just a few examples of brands hosting the best corporate parties for their staff.

Go Daddy

Merry-go round at corporate Summer party

American web hosting company Go Daddy transformed a baseball field in Phoenix into an amusement park, creating what one journalist dubbed ‘the best party on the planet’.

Employees enjoyed riding the merry-go-round, ferris wheel and bumper cars, collectively took home $1m in employee cash prizes, and were entertained by A-list performers including Jewel, who had written a song especially for the occasion. The $4m party ended with a spectacular fireworks display, providing a jaw-dropping finale to the event that was held to celebrate the company’s achievements in 2010.

Ball pit at corporate Summer party


Employees of Space Exploration Technologies firm SpaceX took to social media to share photos and accounts of their company’s ‘epic’ staff party in California back in 2014. Highlights included an indoor beach, a wall of doughnuts constructed to form the SpaceX logo inside a room full of sweets, a ball pit, acrobats, a DJ and rides in the ‘SpaceXpress train’.

Marching band at corporate Summer party


It’s no surprise that the search engine giant Google, renowned for investing heavily in the wellbeing of its staff, can throw a staff party to remember. Their Summer Campus themed party at the Sydney College for the Arts in Australia for staff and clients was kept top secret until the day itself. On arrival guests were given a digital map to help them find their way around their ‘summer campus’, navigating food trucks, old school games and entertainment by musicians, a marching band and acrobatic cheerleaders! It also provided the perfect opportunity for Google to showcase their VR experience, Google Cardboard, transporting guests to the Great Barrier Reef using their simple viewer.

Ferris wheel at corporate Summer party


Facebook’s carnival-themed summer party in 2013 saw Mark Zuckerburg joining the staff in enjoying the many experiences on offer, including a jousting platform, ferris wheel, magic bubbles and even a petting zoo!

Behind the magic

Corporate events rely on an experienced and technical production team employing an amazing array of special effects to create that magical, memory-making experience for their guests. More and more companies, both large and small, are using special effects like pyrotechnic displays, CO2 jets and confetti cannons to treat their staff and clients to a visual and experiential treat that will stay with them long after the party is over.

If you’re looking to visually enhance your next corporate event, get in touch with our team here at Entertainment Effects and we can advise on bespoke special effects ideas that will create just the right ‘wow factor’ for your guests.


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