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CO2 Jet Hire

CO2 jets are an effect that everyone loves on stage, at a festival, in a club, or simply to cool down a great night. They simply are one of the most spectacular specials effects that money can buy.

Produce instantaneous jets of CO2 to create a smoke or fog-like effect at your next event. All CO2 special effects are high-impact, extremely versatile and designed for repeat use in almost any scenario – making CO2 jet hire a valuable addition to sports competitions and music concerts especially.


Product Range Includes

  • CO2 Jets – A 6-8 metre vertical upwards or downwards plume.
  • CO2 Gun Hire – Lightweight and extremely easy to use, the CO2 gun offers an incredible visual effect by producing a fog plume up to 6 metres. Great for DJ’s, dancers and other high-energy performers.
  • CO2 Power Jet – The Power Jet products an effect two times bigger than the standard CO2 Jet which is perfect for festivals, clubs and even sporting events.
  • CO2 Launcher – One gun with four powerful effects, pull the trigger to launch CO2, Streamers, Confetti or T-Shirts, ideal for creating spectacular special effects for larger events such as concerts and festivals.
  • Low Fogger – Smoke is chilled to create a long lasting, residue free low lying fog effect, perfect for theatres, music tours, TV and film sets.
  • Smoke Jet – Producing the effect of a CO2 Jet without the bottle or loud noise, the smoke jet is equipped with coloured LED lights and can be floor or truss mounted.

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 for more information on all of our CO2 jet hire products.


Magic FX CO2 Jet

Magic FX CO2 Gun

Co2 Launcher used in a dark room with confetti and smoke

Magic FX CO2 Launcher

Back view of AMG surrounded by Low Fog Effect

Low Fogger 

Low fogger and smoke machine before use

Magic FX CO2 Power Jet

CO2 special effects at concert

Magic FX Smoke Jet

Hire FAQs

Please note that prices are exclusive of VAT and return shipping. Prices are for one-week hire. Products can be collected and returned free of charge from our warehouse in Hertfordshire, AL10 9BB. We do offer 3-day discounted hire rates but these are for collection only.


Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


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