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There are more challenges to using pyrotechnics indoors and many venues have placed restrictions or in some cases even banned specific products. If you’ve come up against such obstacles then don’t despair, there is a purpose-built, non-pyrotechnic, effect which is taking the special effects industry by storm.

Sparkular is a state of the art machine which omits a large plume of brightly coloured sparks similar to a Gerb, but is incredibly safe and can be used with very small safety distances.

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Traditional pyrotechnic effects burn as hot as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and cannot be stopped once started. In comparison, the Sparkular machine operates at a cool temperature and the sparks themselves are not flammable, meaning much smaller safety exclusion spaces are needed. The cold fallout means that audiences can enjoy the stunning visual display in complete safety.

The pyro machine also offers the operator total control, enabling them to start and stop the effect at any time. With our sparkular hire, our engineers can control the height, volume and duration as well as linking several machines together to create dynamic, pre-programmed displays.


What is a Sparkular machine?

  • The first spark fountain machine to be introduced to the the special effects industry.
  • Spark heights adjustable and range between 1.5-5 metres.
  • Effects last up to 10-30 minutes and can be started/stopped at any time.
  • Also available in a mini version.


What is a Sparkular Fall machine?

  • Generates a mesmerising silver sparking waterfall effect.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Vary from 2-7 metres.
  • Effects last between 13-21 minutes and can be started and stopped at any time with a wireless remote control.
  • Also available in a mini version.


What is a Sparkular Triple machine?

  • Fires in three different directions from one vertical nozzle and two 25 degree angle nozzles.
  • Each nozzle can be controlled individually.
  • Adjustable spark height ranging between 2-5 metres.
  • Includes high-quality waterproof sockets.


What is a Sparkular Cyclone machine?

  • Adjustable spark height ranging between 5-10 metres.
  • Its waterproof design means that shows won’t be interrupted by rain, so it’s ideal for large shows, concerts, music festivals and outdoor events.
  • Equipped with auto brake system to ensure immediate stop in max output.


  • Sports Events – The Sparkular has been used with great success at the World Darts Championships for player entry onto the stage as well as International Netball and European Gymnastics events.
  • Weddings – The indoor pyro product is perfect for adding sparkle to your big day and can be used for the bride and grooms first dance, entrance or cake cutting.
  • Music Events – We provided Sparkular’s for Lewis Capaldi as part of his first UK Solo tour, having previously supported Sam Smith.
  • Dry Hire – The Sparkular can also be hired by and shipped by courier to private event professionals.


  • Can be fired upwards when placed on the floor or downwards when rigged to a roof. 
  • Available in large, small or triple – allowing you to fire up to 10 metres in height and in three different angles. 
  • Safer than traditional fireworks.
  • Completely environmentally friendly.
  • Has an industry first ‘No Smell’ effect.
  • Audiences can benefit from reduced safety distances.
  • Has a low smoke output.
  • Offers a non-pyrotechnic fountain display with total control.
  • Titanium powder content is non-explosive or hazardous.
  • Unique ability to independently control duration and height.


Who supplies our Sparkular products?

Entertainment Effects are a distributor of Showven – an award-winning Sparkular manufacturer. 

Installation & Setup

In order to power the Sparkular, cabling needs to be run between each unit with a 13 or 16 AMP power supply. If required, power packs are available to reduce the need for cables. 

The machines are controlled via a DMX interface and each machine can be fired individually or all at once.

The machines can be operated with as little as 1 metre safety perimeter and each can be cut-off at any time by the operator at the press of a button.

How Long Will My Pyrotechnic Show Last?

The duration of the display is usually quite short as it’s about making a high impact for a key moment at an event.

Normally, Sparkular’s are fired in short bursts up to a duration of 30 seconds, but multiple bursts can be fired one after the other to create longer duration displays – perfect for wedding songs which usually last 2-3 minutes.

The machine has a total capacity of 15 minutes before it needs to be refilled.


The main restrictions with indoor events are safety distances and ceiling heights. Thankfully, the Sparkular can be used in confined areas and is adjustable in height with 10 different settings.

Health & Safety Information

When installing any of our special effects products, the Entertainment Effects team takes Health and Safety extremely seriously.

  • Covered by £10m public liability insurance.
  • Detailed risk assessments and method statements are supplied as appropriate.
  • All customers are provided with a Job Specific Health & Safety Document.

Read more about the specific Health & Safety precautions taken.


Want to rig and run an effect yourself? We offer our products for sale, as well as sparkular hire. Check out our extensive range of Sparkular products available and ready for you to hire or purchase.

Products can be shipped nationwide by courier, or for larger/local orders we can deliver them ourselves. Alternatively, if you’re passing by, you can save on the delivery charges and collect them free of charge!

Sparkular Machine

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