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Our multi-beam spaceflower searchlights are a great way to attract attention to any event. The multiple beams shine in different directions and can be used in a still position or rotated in different directions to create a mesmerising fan effect. Project the beams onto a surface and you and your guests will experience a dazzling flower effect.

Our lighting products are available for both hire and purchase and can be shipped anywhere in the UK or Europe. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and can normally hire at short notice.

Prices displayed include delivery and collection charges to any UK mainland address via courier.

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


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  • Produce 36 beams of light in 3 rings that penetrate into the night sky for a distance of up to 3km (1.8 miles).
  • The rings revolve slowly clockwise and anticlockwise whilst also contracting and expanding, generating a pulsing effect.
  • The beams project at a maximum angle of about 45 degrees to the horizontal, and scan sideways up to 120 degrees.
  • Can be plugged into a standard 13 Amp wall socket.
  • Can also be DMX controlled if required.

Prices start from £396 including VAT and transport.



We offer multi-beam or a strong single beams which can also be coloured based on your own specific preferences.


Our lights are available in a range from 2,000 to 7,000 kilo-watts. Spaceflowers are visible up to 1.8 miles away whereas our other searchlights are visible up to 5 miles away.


Our lights can be manually positioned, set to rotate to an automated setting, or fully controlled by a lighting desk using DMX.


Our lower powered 13 AMP lights can be plugged into a standard socket, however the brighter searchlights require a 32 AMP power source.


All lights can be transported by courier or you can collect direct from our warehouse in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. For multiple units, we can quote to deliver, install and operate for you.


The following prices (including our searchlights) are for single units and inclusive of delivery, collection and VAT.

If you require three or more lights for your event then please contact us for a personalised quote. Alternatively, you can arrange transport yourself and we will reduce the price accordingly.

See below for further delivery information.

  1 Day 3 Days 1 Week +1 Week
Spaceflower Searchlight  £396 £509 £711 Upon Enquiry
2 kW or 5 kW Searchlight £336 £419 £567 Upon Enquiry
5 kW DMX Skyscanner £420 £535 £742 Upon Enquiry
7 kW Multicolour DMX Skyscanner £480 £625 £886 Upon Enquiry


  • Large outdoor events like festivals and music gigs.
  • Film premiers, firework displays, weddings and launch events.
  • Bar and club nights – The spaceflower is better for closer viewing than our other searchlights. It works well shining against a building or into trees.


  • We recommend a 16 AMP power if available. It can be run off a 13 AMP general house wall socket, but of course power varies from one venue to another.
  • You do not need to inform the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) when using a spaceflower.
  • The amount of ambient light in the area significantly affects the performance of the light. We would advise against using the lights in city centres such as London as they are not clearly visible.
  • Of course, the weather can affect the lights. They are much more visible from far away on a clear night than if it is foggy for example. Rain can actually be a positive as the beam of light will reflect off the water droplets.


Installation & Setup
  • The spaceflower is made up of 36 separate beams of light.
  • The units are very simple to use – you just plug and play. Simple controls can then be used to change the angle of the beam or the pan (swivelling left and right) across the sky.
  • There are limitations with the range of angle and pan. Spaceflower searchlights do not shine directly up in the air for example.
  • The lights are very heavy (circa 80kg’s), so it’s not easy to place them on a rooftop for example. Couriers also require a tail lift or a ramp. Alternatively, it’s a two person lift into the back of a van.
  • The units are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the rain. However, if you do have them on a long hire, we do request that you cover them up when not in use to provide some extra protection from the weather.
How long will my spaceflower searchlight show last?

You can use the spaceflowers for as long as you like during the hire, but you’ll obviously have to wait until it’s completely dark to get the full effect. For this reason, you’re limited to the hours of darkness.

Can the spaceflowers project an image or logo into the sky?
Unfortunately it’s not possible to project an image or logo into the sky.

Any projection needs to take place onto a fixed surface, so it can be done on the side of a building for example, but not directly in the sky.

For this reason, if you’re looking to recreate a scene from Batman, then I’m afraid you’re out of luck!


We can arrange delivery and / or collection for the day of your event or one day either side, which gives you the chance to set the spaceflower up and have a practice.

All of our lighting effects are delivered in a flight-case on wheels.

​The following delivery options are available:

  • Courier Service (TNT) will deliver direct to your door. For standard delivery, we can not provide a specific delivery time, only a window between 09:00 – 17:00. For an extra charge of £30 ​per unit, we can request a morning slot for delivery before mid-day. The collection timings are more flexible.
  • Personal Collection from our warehouse in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BB. If you have your own van and want to collect and return a spaceflower searchlight yourself, then we will reduce the cost of your hire (by circa £120). Please check the dimensions and weights before booking as the lights are very large. We have a ramp, but you will also need to consider getting the light in and out of the van as they weigh in the region of 100kg’s each.
  • Dedicated Delivery can be arranged by our team. This is usually beneficial for local and / or larger deliveries (three or more lights). When delivering ourselves, we can be more flexible in providing a specific delivery time.


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