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Sparkular Machines and Powder

The Showven Sparkular is the newest industry innovation, completely transforming indoor pyrotechnics. Sparkular Machines have all the glitz, colour and excitement of a standard pyrotechnic, without the potential risk and hazard. This makes it a firm favourite with venue and event managers. 

The unique selling point of a Sparkular Machine is that it’s classified as a non-pyrotechnic device, which is cold burning compared to a standard pyrotechnic which can burn as high as 1,700 degrees. Another of its biggest safety features is the control functionality. Unlike a gerb, you can turn the Sparkular Machine off at any moment; a great bonus for risk assessments! 

The Sparkular machine simulates a gerb fountain. It works using a  special sparkular powder to create a beautiful plume of silver sparks. You can link multiple machines together to create dynamic displays with chase sequences. The product also features very low smoke and no sulphur smell. 

Discover our range of Sparkular Machines; from Portable Packs to Sparkular Cyclones, we have a wide range of equipment to help you create eye catching effects.

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