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Rain Effects

Our Rain Special Effects are flexible to meet your requirements, whether you require a light shower or dramatic deluge inside or outdoors.

We can alter the flow and the size of the droplets by using different applicators and, if required, our team of experts can build a catchment tank to contain the falling water. If you’re looking to put performers in the rain then we can also warm the water to eliminate any cold shock.

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


The key consideration of any Rain Special Effect is working out how to capture the water, so its important to start with that in mind and work backwards. Luckily, Entertainment Effects provide a range of tanks that can be inflated quickly. Alternatively, we can hide the tank and place a grated deck on top of this, allowing performers to stand directly in the rain whilst the droplets fall through the grate and into the tank below.

Very large quantities of water are often required, which can be stored in 1,000 litre bowers to maximise the flow and/or duration of water.


Our Rain Special Effects have featured in a number of live performances.

Most notably:

  • As seen at the BRIT Awards in 2015 and 2018 for both Paloma Faith and Stormzy. Each award winning artists received huge acylation for their performances.
  • The rain effect has also been used at the MOBO Awards for Stooshe’s re-release of TLC’s Waterfalls.
  • The Entertainment Effects team have also worked with girlband Little Mix. On more than one occasion we helped create VT content for their live shows by making it rain in a studio for a film shoot.


Stage shows usually result in longer installations of a few weeks or more. In these instances we have to consider water management (we need to change the water after a specific period of time) due to the risk of legionella’s disease.

The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon had a Rain Curtain which they projected onto for their production of Dido Queen of Carthage.

Recently, Brighton College also used our Rain Special Effects for one of their productions.


Our first water special effect TV job was many years ago for the second series of Britain’s Got talent where we provided a Rain Special Effect for George Sampson’s performance of Singing In The Rain.

We’ve also been on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Splash with Tom Daley and Get Your Act Together.


The Wella Trend Vision Awards is an annual event held in London. As part of the show, a live ‘Metamorphic’ performance took place to showcase the Sebastian Professional brand.

A couple performed together dancing in front of a large LED with falling water. Then, mimicking the screen behind them, rain fell from the ceiling soaking the couple as they twisted and turned. The pair disappeared from the stage, one left one right. A few seconds later they returned completely bone dry, perfect hair and make-up, just like magic.

How did they do it? Entertainment Effects were tasked to install the Rain Special Effects of course. As for the magic – they used two sets of identical twins.


  • TV Productions – Our Rain Special Effects have been seen on a variety of renowned programmes across The BBC and ITV, including Saturday Night Takeaway’s Singing in the Rain with Robbie Williams.
  • Live Performances – We’ve soaked Paloma Faith and Stormzy as part of our special effects for live stage productions.
  • Product Launches – Under Armour were launching a new range of water proof clothing, so we made it rain for their promotional photoshoot.
  • Marketing Stunts – We’ve provided rain effects for a Pimm’s Wedding Dash Competition as well as a gorilla marketing campaign in Regent Street to mark the opening of their first store.


  • Catchment – Event organisers will need to decide whether they require a tank to catch the falling water.
  • Duration – We’re limited by the amount of water we can store and it will depend on the amount of rain, but we can accurately calculate this for you.
  • Power – We will require a power source to run the pumps and the heater (if required).
  • Timings – How long have you got to set and clear away the equipment? It might only be 2-3 minutes as part of an advert break.


  • We usually start by locating the water source and filling the supply tanks as this can be very time consuming, as well as heating the water.
  • Our specialist team then place the storage tanks with drip trays to catch any small spillages.
  • Next, we’ll often build the catchment tank before then rigging the nozzle bars either in the ceiling or on a floor mounted truss structure.
Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, but our equipment is specifically designed for this purpose, so all of our Rain Special Effects are very safe.

The highest area of risk comes with performers slipping on a wet surface, so choosing relevant footwear for performers is critical. When using our grated deck heeled shoes are not advised.

Limited time for set-up and de-rig usually create the main restrictions for a job, especially if its a TV or live production. There are a few different approaches the Entertainment Effects team can take but each job is different, so give one of our team a call to discuss your options further.

The duration of the rain is always a key consideration. We need to take into account practice runs for the cameramen and lighting teams, as well as dress rehearsals and then the full run through. In some instances its possible to pump the water back from the catchment area into the storage tanks to reuse the water.


The most common questions we receive are always around the water supply as well as how we source and remove the water.

In the majority of cases we use a nearby tap, from a kitchen, bar or toilet. We run a hose and fill the tank. If the water is further away we have a 1,000 litre IBC Bowser which we can fill elsewhere and use a pallet truck to move it closer to the tank. If small quantities are required then we fill smaller 25 litre barrels.

If there is no on-site water supply or we require a very large amount then we can arrange for a tanker delivery for anywhere up to 30,000 litres.

To remove the water following use of the Rain Curtain we use our submersible pump and a long hose to remove the water to a nearby drain. Again, if one is not within reach we can pump the water into an IBC and use a pallet truck to move the water to a more suitable location.


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