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A Rain Curtain is a line of falling water which can be used in a variety of applications to enhance an event or showcase a product in a retail environment. Coloured light can also be shone on the water to reflect off each droplet, making this special effect a very eye catching feature.

The product is extremely flexible as all of our Rain Curtains are custom built designs made to fit your specifications. If required, it is also possible to project images onto the water, but for this you will require a slightly different product. If that’s what you’re looking for please visit our Projection Screen page.

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


The Rain Curtain is a versatile product that can be used in a number of different ways and at several event types. Each product is built bespoke to meet your exact requirements – size, design, finish and functionality. Our smaller features tend to be constructed out of wood and are then covered in vinyl to give a premium finish. Larger installations can require a more substantial support structure such as a truss, and this can also be covered to match the aesthetics of your event.


We’ve produced display units for a number of major brands as a means of showcasing their products. Popular product categories include drinks, cosmetics with moisturising features or products of which are waterproof. Brands include L’Oréal, Adidas, Samsung and Diageo.

We can build a premium looking cabinet with shelving for the products. The Rain Curtain can then be positioned in front or behind the products.


Event organisers are always challenged with how to incorporate a grand and eye catching feature for their guests. A unique way to do this is with a water feature – our Rain Curtain can be situated in a number of different ways in order to achieve this.

Previous applications include:

  • An entrance corridor where guests walked between two walls of falling water.
  • Room divides separating the dining area and dance-floor or drinks reception.
  • Backdrops for bars or even a top table at a wedding.


Our Rain Curtains have been used for some dramatic launch events in which products have been revealed or introduced to clients.

  • Williams and Martini’s famous white, blue and red colour scheme returned to F1 when it signed a deal with Williams that resulted in a full re-branding of the car. As part of the reveal to the press, Entertainment Effects surrounded the new car in a wall of falling water.
  • Our expert team also worked with BMW who drove their latest 5-Series through a wall of water to reveal the latest design at a launch event.


Our Rain Curtains have been used in a number of dramatic stage productions.

These have included:

  • The BRIT Awards – Paloma Faith.
  • The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon used a curtain which they projected onto for their production of Dido Queen of Carthage.
  • The Wella Trend Vision Awards – A performance to showcase their Sebastian Professional brand unveiled its ‘Metamorphic’ show.
  • Catwalk Fashion Show – Joshua Kane.


  • Instore POS – We’ve built custom display units to present products’ brands including Samsung Mobile Phones, L’Oréal Cosmetics and Adidas Trainers.
  • Product Launches – Diageo were hosting a client event to launch a new drinks brand. When each visitor arrived they had to put their hand through the falling water to pick up a bottle of beer on the other side.
  • Social Events – We’ve made everything from room divides, back drops for top tables and entrance corridors with falling water.
  • Exhibition Stands – We’ve incorporated Rain Curtains into a number of exhibitions to showcase products, act as backdrops or simply attract peoples attention.


  • Location – We require a flat surface to position the product.
  • Visibility – The visibility of the water can be improved with the addition of lighting.
  • Power – We will require a power source to run the pumps.
  • Water – We will require a water source (a standard kitchen or bathroom tap will be sufficient).
  • Dressing – The product can be dressed to align with the style of your event. We often use a high quality vinyl covering to provide a premium look.


Madame Tussauds logo
Diageo logo
Wella logo
Williams Martini racing
Fuijitsu logo
Under Armour logo
Urban Decay - an Entertainment Effects client
Samsung - an Entertainment Effects client


At Entertainment Effects, we specialise in temporary installations for events but do not work on permanent installations.

Each of our Rain Curtains built bespoke to meet our clients exact requirements, but they all following a similar design:

  1. We start by building a water tank, this doubles as the water source and catchment area for the falling water.
  2. Next we construct a support system for the Rain Bar (this can be made from lightweight truss or wood, depending on the size of the feature).
  3. A submersible pump then pushes the water up a feed hose into the rain bar, which then falls back into the tank below. We have developed a special system which covers the tank and virtually eliminates any splash.
  4. The unit can then be dressed in vinyl or decorated in any manor to match the aesthetic, look or theme of the event.

Set-up time is usually 3-4 hours, depending on the complexity and finish required. That being said, our team are often able to set-up a Rain Curtain a lot quicker – usually around 1 hour.

Obviously water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, but our pumps are IP68 rated and specifically designed for this purpose, so our Rain Curtains are actually very safe.

Key considerations:

  • Any events where small children are attending will need to ensure that they are supervised as the water tank poses a risk.
  • Legionella’s disease is often a concern for many event organisers when an airborne water element is included. Luckily, Entertainment Effects take all the necessary health and safety measures to avoid this, which you can learn more about on our Water Special Effects page.
  • The higher the water the falls from, the larger the tank needs to be to capture the water.
  • Our truss has a maximum span of 10 metres, so this is the widest single sheet of water that we can create.
  • We require a flat surface to build the Rain Curtain on.
  • Our custom Nozzle Bar comes in 1 metre increments. If you require an alternative dimension to fill a specific space then we have an alternative pipe system which can be cut to size.
The most common questions we receive are always around the water supply as well as how we source and remove the water.

In the majority of cases we use a nearby tap, from a kitchen, bar or toilet. We run a hose and fill the tank. If the water is further away we have a 1,000 litre IBC Bowser which we can fill elsewhere and use a pallet truck to move it closer to the tank. If small quantities are required then we fill smaller 25 litre barrels.

If there is no on-site water supply or we require a very large amount then we can arrange for a tanker delivery for anywhere up to 30,000 litres.

To remove the water following use of the Rain Curtain we use our submersible pump and a long hose to remove the water to a nearby drain. Again, if one is not within reach we can pump the water into an IBC and use a pallet truck to move the water to a more suitable location.


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