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Whether used alone or as an accessory to a display, pyrotechnic special effects are guaranteed to make a significant, visual impact to any event.

Entertainment Effects use only the highest quality, zero debris products with state of the art firing systems. This enables us to fire the pyro with split-second accuracy and synchronise displays perfectly in time with music to create a spectacular show.

Our stunning pyro backdrops, displays and effects are used at a wide variety of events across the UK.

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All of our pyro special effects are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and durations, enabling us to work in almost any venue.


Indoor Pyro


What is a comet?

A comet creates a shooting burst of light, producing a similar effect to that of a shooting star.

A star is propelled and as it travels, sparks trail behind leaving a sparkling tail. The comet then disappears without any fallout.

These can be fired individually or several at a time as per the picture.

Available in a variety of sizes (heights), ranging from 8m to 45m.


What is a gerb fountain?

A gerb is a jet of sparks creating a dazzling plume.

These come in different heights and can last various lengths of time, making a great entrance feature.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Available in durations from half a second to 20 seconds, reaching heights between 2m and 15m.

Pyro Events
Indoor Pyro


What is a mine?

Mines are similar to comets as they release multiple small bursts which each individually have a sparkling tail trailing behind.

These are jetted into the same direction and naturally spread out producing a spectacular fan-shaped pyro effect.

Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Available in a variety of sizes (heights), ranging from 2m to 55m.


  • Large, outdoor live events like Sports, Music Shows and Festivals.  
  • Large, indoor live events like Sports, Music, TV and Award Ceremonies. Past events include the Hunger Games Film Premier and Harlequins Rugby Big Game
  • Big product launches where companies want to make maximum impact.
  • Any event where someone wants to get a big publicity photo.


  • Setup – Depends on the event type, where the specific pyro special effects are to be located, alongside any access restrictions.
  • Location – Our experienced team can rig the equipment almost anywhere, often clamping firing plates to truss structures and scaffolding poles. 
  • Duration – Pyrotechnic shows in general are relatively short, averaging less than one minute, but the impact and effect will leave a lasting impression. 


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Pyrotechnic effects are mostly fired using wireless technology, meaning our team are able to install them accurately in under a minute.

We always try to pre-rig our pyro products and store them in discrete purpose-built cases so that they can be easily transported to the agreed display positions. Our trained technicians then ensure that the safety zone is cleared before firing as efficiently as possible.

Set-up time will depend on where the products are to be located, the access or activity that is taking place in the area.

  • If the area we’re working on is difficult to access or a clear zone with no activity, for example a stadium or stage roof, then our team will rig the pyrotechnics well in advance of the display.
  • We can rig the equipment almost anywhere, often clamping firing plates to truss structures or scaffolding poles. Any products which are not positioned directly on the floor will most likely need to be secured, especially if there isn’t a flat surface or the products fired from these locations are more powerful.
  • Accessing raised positions varies by location. Most stadium roofs are accessed by stairs, lifts or ladders but the trickier locations may need to be reached by a cherry picker or scissor lift.

For sporting events:

  • Pyrotechnics cannot be positioned in the middle of a sports pitch while the players are warming up. For this reason, we have a small window to work in, while the players return to the dressing room after the warm-up and before the match starts (usually taking around 3-5 minutes).
  • For cup finals, our team is required to wait until the game is finished before moving the equipment into position behind a presentation stage. The same applies for stage and TV performances.

For musical performances:

  • When supporting third-acts on stage, any pyro kit cannot be on the stage while other acts are performing. For this reason, we may need to rig during an advert break or while a VT is running.
How long will my pyrotechnic show last?

Pyrotechnic shows in general are relatively short, averaging less than one minute. It’s all about making a big impact; short and sharp but bold and powerful. We only use the very best products available, but you can’t have an explosive product without some smoke. For this reason, we have to consider the build-up of smoke in the show design, which can restrict the duration. It all depends on the location of your event. If outdoors, a slight breeze will disperse the smoke, but if inside or in a confined stadium, then the lack of wind will need to be taken into consideration.

Timings based on event: 

  • Shorter pyrotechnic displays can last just a couple of seconds, if we’re doing a big reveal for a product launch.
  • Sports events last between 15 seconds and 3 minutes because we’re limited to the amount of time it takes for players to run on the pitch and line up. Extended displays can last for the duration of a song, which is played to build atmosphere prior to a team entering the pitch.
  • Some sports like cricket have effects fired throughout the games for key moments like sixes and wickets. Therefore, pyro can fire over an 8 hour period, but each element again may only last a few seconds.
Who supplies our pyro products?

Certain manufacturers specialise in the different pyrotechnic products that our company supplies, so we purchase from a variety of reliable suppliers depending on customer demand.

We obtain the majority of our products from Le Maitre, Ultratec and Europla, purchasing in bulk 2-3 times a year to ensure that we have the stock available for any last minute bookings.

Health & Safety Information

We source only the highest quality pyro special effects products and our qualified technicians ensure that they are operated to the highest safety standards.

Each project is covered by £10m public liability insurance and our team supply specific risk assessments and method statements as appropriate.

We also provide all of our customers with a Job Specific Health & Safety Document which includes everything from detailed diagrams and site layouts.

Read more about the specific Health & Safety precautions taken.


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