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Harlequins are accustomed to making the short walk across the A316 from The Stoop to the National Rugby Stadium each December for the annual pilgrimage to BIG GAME (a record-breaking domestic rugby fixture with huge attendances, famous music acts, and of course fireworks). The event now in its 13th year has become such a success that Harlequins decided to design a summer version with a festival-feel called Big Summer Kick Off.


A regular challenge we face is how to make one event different from another, so we looked at what we had supplied for the last Big Game and made some tweaks to the designs. The mid-summer and daylight kick provided a stark difference to the later afternoon schedule in December and affects the optimum product selection.

BSKO was also focusing heavily on the Fan Village experience in the West Car Park outside the stadium. They really wanted to create a festival/party atmosphere so the plans for the event included a stage with live music acts and massoake (a mass karaoke) after the match.


Due to the daylight kick off, we advised the client to move away from their request to have a rooftop firework display. The products have very low visibility against a bright blue sky so the spectators would be unlikely to see them.

Instead, we increased the number of flame units and introduced some pitch side pyrotechnics as well as some in-play features for when Quins scored a try. We also suggested adding some SFX to the Fan Village to provide some extra excitement and a greater value-for-money proposition.


We fired 17 flames, including 11 huge 15m vertical jets, 6 5-fingered flames as well as 10 positions of pyro for the team entry. During the game, we fired large CO2 jets positioned behind the posts and the 15m jets along the touchline. In the West Fan Village, we had CO2 jets on the stage and Stadium Shots firing huge hits of streamers out over the crowd.

flame effects used at rugby stadium kick off event


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