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We were approached by Remington to assist them with a photoshoot to promote their new Hydraluxe range of products. The Hydraluxe collection features moisture lock coating and conditioners to help preserve your hairs perfect balance of moisture. Because the products USP was linked to moisture control they wanted to feature some form of water effects in their photoshoot. 


  • Water Blade. 
  • Fountain Jets.
  • Catchment Tank.
  • Truss and Decking


The client wanted a very thick, full stream of water with the model stood behind. The water needed to be dense enough to distort the view of the model behind and then really accentuate the half of her that you could see clearly, as you can see in the image on the left below. This meant that our standard go-to product for jobs like this, the rain curtain didn’t fit the bill.   


Instead, we used a slightly different product called a Water Blade. These are commonly used in garden installations to create smaller waterfall effects and cascades where water flows from one level to another.

It’s a great product, but it does have two key limitations. Firstly, the water tapers in and narrows, so it may start with a 2 metre width but by the time is has dropped a few meters it can be almost half that width. Secondly, the water fires out initially in a very clean flow, creating a clean sheet of water, but as it tapers it starts to break up and become rough and irregular.

We shared these concerns with the photographer and completed some tests at our office to share with him, so we could be more specific about the final measurements.


Following the tests, the photographer was confident that he could work within the parameters of the product, and as you can see from the image on the left below, the water created a really striking image for the advertising campaign. 

As well as the water blade, the client made a very last minute request to see if we could provide any alternative water effects for a second day. This time, rather than falling, they wanted water rising up. Luckily we had just provided something very similar previously for a Zeo Drinks launch, so we shared the images of our vertical water jets and this was then used to create the alternative imagery on the righthand side below.


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