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We are one of the preferred suppliers at the prestigious Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa. One of the packages we offer is a Dancing Fountain Display, which can be floated on the beautiful lake in front of the Warren Weir complex.

On this occasion, the client wanted to have an evening entertainment piece which all of the guests would come and watch towards the end of the wedding.


We have a selection of music tracks which we recommend to our clients, carefully selected to compliment the fountains. There are a combination of genres, but classical songs or remixes are the most compatible and popular. Sometimes the client is happy for us to choose the compilation of tracks and others like to select their own favourites.

On this occasion, the client had a very specific taste which was ‘rock music’ but nothing in our shortlist fell in this genre, so we had to work with a completely new musical accompaniment which required a full re-program.

The fountains are delicate, graceful and elegant, perhaps not words you would use to describe rock music, so it was going to be difficult to combine the two.


We discussed our concerns with the client to see if they would consider an alternative music selection, but they were adamant that they wanted rock.

So, we decided we needed to make the show more striking and high impact, and presented some additional products to the client to spice things up a little. They loved the idea and we set about creating a rock-themed fountain display.


As well as the fountains, we incorporated Fire Jets, close proximity Pyrotechnic Bursts and a Firework finale. The two sets of products are very different but really complimented each other and the clients choice of music.

The show started with the fountains on their own and then the other elements were interspersed. We synchronised the timing of the Special Effects to the big beats of the music, creating a truly unique wedding experience.

Special effects at Luton Hoo wedding
Special effects at Luton Hoo wedding
Special effects at Luton Hoo wedding


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