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The competition for pre-match entertainment between the Home Nations is as fierce as the rivalries on the pitch, and for many years, Scotland have led the way at Murrayfield with the atmosphere they generate inside BT Murrayfield. 


We’re always asked ‘what’s new this year’ and ‘what can we do differently’, so we have to get creative with our thinking. There are regular innovations within the special effects industry, but the majority of them are improvements to existing products as opposed to brand new effects. For example, flames effects are getting taller with the addition of multiple angled jets. 


As the products do not change significantly, we have to look at different ways to activate them. We’ve done this previously with our flame jets by attaching them to a truss structure which the players can run underneath as they enter the pitch.

With the pyrotechnics on the other hand, we have made tweaks to the firing delivery in a number of different ways. Rather than positioning the pyrotechnics on the pitch, we have gone up onto the roof and fired displays from above the audiences heads. As well as the locations of the effects, we can change the speed and timing of the delivery. 


We started by firing vertically on the roof and then made some adjustments so that we could fire products out across the field of play. When we do this, our huge colourful mines meet in the middle of the arena creating a 100 metre wide roof of vibrant colour lasting just a couple of seconds before the next hit fires upwards. This combined with an amazing light show and flame effects pitch side made for a display fitting of a cup final.

Using our state of the art equipment, we have also developed pyro musicals during which the pyrotechnics and flames are fired in perfect time with a musical accompaniment. We also utilise 3D simulation software which enables us to design and test in advance, ensuring that we get the timings spot on. 

Product innovations have enabled us to significantly increase the duration of our displays. We simply used to focus on team entry, lasting a maximum of 30 seconds, where as now we can provide up to three minutes of entertainment prior to the entry, making it a memorable day out for all sports fans.

Players walk through pyrotechnic pitch ring


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