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We are one of the preferred suppliers at the country’s most prestigious hotels – The Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.

Sparkular effects have become a very popular addition to weddings across the UK, providing a touch of razzmatazz to key event moments and a spectacular backdrop for photographs, just like this amazing wedding created by SNOB Events and Kudos AV.

Our client had requested our Sparkulars in order to enhance their entrance to the room, cake cutting and the first dance.


Wedding venues are often very congested and can include several hundred guests who are unaware of Indoor Pyrotechnic effects. Space is often at a premium, with dining tables taking up much of the floor space. There may be a dance-floor area which can be utilised, but it’s likely to be open for anyone to walk on, compared to a music or stage production where the stage is most likely to be out of bounds for the audience.

All of our previous work had been completed in the Great Room – a spectacular event space over 3,000 sqm with a  capacity of 2,000 guests. Due to the size of the room, there is a lot of space for us to safely position our products in a variety of positions.

This latest wedding was our first event in The Ball Room – still a very impressive 900 sqm room wth a capacity of 1,000. However, there was much less space available, lower ceiling heights and a smaller entrance staircase, so it was challenging for us to find a workable solution.


The Sparkular provides a unique solution to many of these problems, compared to traditional pyrotechnics. The product can be operated in very small safety distances, as little as one metre, meaning it can be fired in close proximity to wedding guests. We usually position the machines in a line, meaning it’s only the two machines on the end which require special attention.

Firstly we used the Sparkular Mini which is ideal for venues with lower ceiling heights. That being said, the bigger challenge was finding adequate floor space to provide the desired safety distances required. Ideally, we would have positioned the product in such a way to allow it to be fired throughout the bride and groom’s arrival into the room.

We couldn’t put the products directly on the staircase as they would be a dangerous trip hazard, so we had to position them right at the bottom. The staircase curved out so this provided a great space for us to tuck them in safely.

Our team of specialists always brief the individuals who are in very close proximity of the indoor pyro products in advance of the firing, to ensure they’re aware of what’s going to happen and to maintain a safe distance. We had a rehearsal with the couple prior to the main event, so they knew the positioning and when we would fire the products. We also had an operative in place either side of the stairs to brief the guests and marshal the safety area.


As you can see from the photos, the entrance was beautiful, and we created the perfect photograph opportunity.

By focusing our briefings on a small group of people close to the Sparkular product, we maintained the surprise element for the majority of the other guests.

We fired the Sparkulars as the couple reached the top of the stairs and they then walked halfway down and paused for photos. Following this, we shut off the machine, allowing them to pass safely through, before re-firing the machines again to provide a glittery backdrop for further photos as they walked through the centre of the wedding to the top table.

The happy couple were delighted with the sparkle effect and how beautiful it looked in their wedding photos.

Married couple walking down next to mini sparkulars
Wedding stage filled with mini sparkulars
First wedding dance with sparkulars in the background
Mini sparkulars behind married couple


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