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Gender reveal parties are becoming more popular and more extravagant where couples want to take the opportunity to discover if they’re due to bring a little boy or girl into the world. The events are not just an occasion where the parents share the news with their family and friends, but it’s often the case that this will be the first time they learn the wonderful news themselves. It’s common that during a scan the nurse will put the news in a sealed envelope that can be passed to a friend who will then pass the information onto the event organiser.


Our clients a young couple from Essex were, unfortunately, let down by another special effects company. They called us at late notice to see if we could fill in, and we were more than happy to come to the rescue. We only had a few days to plan, so we proposed various different products, and the client selected which ones they wanted. The client then changed their mind about the firing location, which was originally next to their house, and instead, they moved it to a larger field at the rear of their house. The larger site opened up more opportunities for us to fire different products so we went back with a revised proposal to enhance the event even further. We obviously needed a colourful element of the display in Blue or Pink which would act as the official reveal.


We designed a display with three elements:

  • Firstly a build-up to the reveal with flames and pyrotechnics all in neutral colours to build the tension for the grand announcement.
  • Next was a 10-1 countdown, we also bought in our BIG RED BUTTON which would be used to fire the final stage of the event and the couple would have the excitement of pressing it themselves.
  • Then finally as the red button is pressed the huge blasts of colour would surround the couple by combining confetti, heart-shaped confetti, streamers and smoke grenades.


It’s a GIRL!  The confetti cannons surrounding the couple popped, and the huge stadium shot fired a massive volley of pink streamers reaching all the way to the line of friends and family standing in front. Then clouds of vivid bright pink smoke bellowed creating a thick fog in the background of all the pictures. Everyone cheered and embraced, and then the full party started and continued into the early hours.

We have a minimum charge of £2,000 for baby showers. In addition to this our hire kit can only be operated by those with adequate public liability insurance and experience. Why not take a look at our shop which sells a huge selection of confetti products?

couple embracing at pyrotechnic gender reveal event
pink smoke at a gender reveal party
couple using handheld smoke jets at gender reveal party
couple using smoke effect at gender reveal party


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