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Fever 333 are a high energy rock band originating from America. Having not previously used fire or pyrotechnics for their live shows we were approached to provide effects for their set at Reading & Leeds Festival. The band wanted flames, including a flame bar and co2 to be fired at multiple times during their performance, at very particular cues.
Reading and Leeds festival are a pair of iconic sell out festivals that run simultaneously across the same weekend. Fever 333 were headlining the festival republic stage on both the Friday and Saturday night.


The band are high energy, high octane and like to move around the stage at a fast pace. The main challenge with this was to the ensure the band still had enough space to perform whilst also ensuring they maintained a safe distance from the units. To add to this the band had multiple, time specific cues throughout their set which required firing from two different firing systems.

Additionally, the stage was set within a big top tent which required careful planning to ensure the flames would not be too tall.


The final lay out comprised for 3 x G Flames, 4 x CO2 jets and one flame bar. The G Flames and co2 jets were laid at the front of the stage and the flame bar was placed directly in front of the drum riser.

Ahead of the show the tour manager of the band sent across a video of the same live set the band were performing. As there is such a difference in live and recorded music it allowed the lead firer to listen to the set and learn the cues the band wanted . This required hours of listening to the live set and remembering approximately 50 firing cues from memory.

By doing this the firer was able to focus solely on the safety of the band rather than being cued which could become distracting. To mark out the safety distance we taped across the front of the stage, as well as positioning the flame units so the band could clearly see when the system was armed. If the band crossed the safety line the firer had clear visuals and would not fire. Thanks to multiple pre show briefings the band understood this and were able to adapt their performance accordingly.

The band also have a huge fan base full of energetic fans, many of whom were crowd surfing from the beginning of the set. As such a spotter was allocated in the pit area to ensure no safety zones were breached during the effects being fired.


An absolutely crazy set culminating in the singer and guitarist climbing the stage truss whilst performing, surrounded by flames and co2 going off in succession.

fireworks and flame effects at the opening of rugby game
Images copyright of Hayden Borgars
flame jets used at a rugby tournament
Images copyright of Hayden Borgars


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