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Diageo are one of the world’s largest producers of beers and spirits with famous brands including Guinness, Baileys and Smirnoff in their portfolio. With that said, we were very excited when we received a call regarding the launch of a new lager called Rockshore.

The client was holding a press launch in Dublin and then two other locations in Ireland and they wanted to display the new bottle to all the visitors, so we designed a Rain Curtain display unit, where the bottle of beer sat on shelves behind the falling water. Guests would have to reach through the water to pick up a bottle.



The main challenge here was the location and therefore the potentially high costs for us to supply the product across three venues in Ireland.

We would usually take three skilled staff members on an event like this as we prefer to complete some of the finer detail like wrapping the product in vinyl on-site to avoid the risk of it being damaged in transit. But when we calculated the travel costs, time and hotels, the project was unfeasible, so we had to look for an alternative solution.


We designed and pre-built the rain curtain into five main pieces so that it was just a simple assembly job in Dublin, requiring only one of our crew and the assistance of two local crew provided by the client.

The client then agreed that they could dismantle and reassemble the product for the second and third events – we would then return to collect it at the end of the tour. This significantly reduced the cost to the client, and they decided to proceed.


As we were building the two rain curtains from scratch, we started by designing them to ensure they would fit in our van. We started with the end in mind and worked backwards. The rain curtain then consisted of a base water tank, two sides, a back panel and the top section which held the rain bar.

All that was required on-site was to screw the five sections together, fill it with water, attach the hose, and of course, put the beer on the shelves.

Rain curtain being used for Rockshaw beer
Rockshaw beer using a rain curtain


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