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When we originally designed our flames columns, we made them as small and discrete as possible so they would not stand out too much on the side of a pitch. We then released that we were missing an opportunity and that the opposite approach could be taken – how big could we make them and use the space for branding or even advertising?

Our flames are often in prime positions around the pitch, close to the player’s tunnel and in camera shots on TV.  



The key considerations for the columns are of course, number one, safety, and secondly, manoeuvrability.  It’s easy to make large columns with a big advertising space, but is the unit stable, and can it be moved easily on and off the pitch quickly?


In order to easily be able to move the products around the arenas, we built a set of wheels into the design. This enables the unit to be tilted at approx. 45 degrees and then it can be pushed or pulled on a set of wheels, as well as being simple to steer, similar to a wheelbarrow.

The main constraint on the height was the headroom in the van, so that defined the maximum height which we could work to.

We also use the weight of the gas bottles which are positioned in the base of the columns to lower the centre of gravity and increase stability.


We have fourteen branded flame columns ranging in height from 170–200cm.

Vinyl branding can be attached directly to the case, or we can attach a foamex board. This option is more expensive for a one-off event but saves money in the long run, as it means the branding can be stored away and reused for a future event. 

Rugby game uses branded flames
Wolves FC use brand flames
Leeds United FC use branded flames
Saracens branded flames


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