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Choosing the right music to complement your event special effects

Special effects for events are all about creating the right atmosphere and mood. Choosing the right music plays a big part in the overall impact of your show. Here, we’ll explain how to match your music with the mood you want to evoke, whether you’re warming up the crowd at a football match or motivating your delegates at a business conference.

Flame effects at Women's Cricket World Cup entranceSporting events: heighten the drama  

Sports events thrive on an electric atmosphere, with the noise of a supportive crowd having a big impact on players’ performance. Before a big game, dramatic special effects like flames, pyrotechnics and CO2 aim to up the excitement levels and get fans going. Likewise, the music should have the same effect, which is why loud, expressive anthems work so well in this setting.

Before the event starts, suspenseful music can help to build up anticipation, leading up to a crescendo when a sports personality enters the arena.

Sample tracks: We Will Rock You by Queen, Chariots of Fire by Vangelis, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Corporate events: stay on-brand 

rain curtain at Marble LondonMusic for corporate events is crucial in conveying the right image for your brand. For an award show, you might choose subtle illuminations and water effects, accompanied by softer, quieter, classical or instrumental music to reflect the grandiosity of the event – with more celebratory anthems played as recipients walk up to receive their awards. At a PR event, you can often afford to be more creative and think outside the box with eye-catching effects.

If you’re organising a corporate event like a product launch, award show or charity ball, your music and special effects should allow the main business of the night to take centre stage. If there’s a lot of networking and mingling going on at a conference or party, your music should allow people to hear each other easily, while also encouraging a sociable and convivial atmosphere.

Sample tracks: The Four Seasons by Vivaldi (for a formal event), Happy by Pharrell Williams (for a motivational conference)

Film premieres: 

Pyrotechnics at the Hunger Games film premiereMusic at events similar to a film soundtrack; it’s there to influence how we feel. At a film premiere, the music needs to evoke a sense of occasion. Pair indoor pyrotechnics such as Sparkular’s and flames, or select well-known classics that match the mood of the film. Where appropriate, a selection of songs that appear in the film will set the scene nicely.

Sample tracks: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros, appropriate film soundtracks.

Live artist performances: get in sync

Sparkular's at Tion Wayne gigWhen it comes to live music performances, we need to switch our focus. Here, the crowd’s attention will be on the music played by the artist, and any special effects will play a supporting role. These will need to be choreographed to suit the style and mood of the music, and fire in time with the beat.

Pyrotechnics, fireworks, flames and CO2 effects are perfect for this – helping build excitement towards the end a song or a show, getting bigger and more dramatic as the music reaches a climax.

Check out our dramatic rain effects for Paloma Faith at the Brit Awards or our use of CO2, flames and pyrotechnics for Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff’s Livewire Festival performance.


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