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The UK puts on some of the best music festivals in the world. Whether you’re running a huge event where the world’s biggest international acts play in front of thousands of fans, a celebration of exciting regional talent and up and coming bands, or a spectacular concert in the grounds of a stately home, you’ll need ways of ramping up the excitement, beginning with flame machine hire.

There’s no better way to complement the music than with dramatic real flames. And you don’t get more sensational than a big jet of flames – or five! – shooting up to 10 metres in the air on the right beat, or a wall of flames blazing in front of your favourite band.

flame special effects at cricket world cup project


How flames can add excitement to your festival

Flame machines can be controlled remotely or programmed in advance, which means the flame jets will fire at exactly the right moment in the music to create a real wow factor. When the flame effects are perfectly synchronised to the music, the performance takes on a life of its own, becoming visually spectacular as well as aurally thrilling – a definite crowd-pleaser that will add to the festival atmosphere.

We have provided flame machines for festivals for many years. When Will Smith played at LiveWire a few years ago, he wanted the whole shebang in terms of effects… so we obliged, much to his delight. With a variety of effects surrounding him, including flame jets which interrelated with CO2 jets, and pyrotechnics on the roof, the crowd went wild. The use of the flame machines was great for headline puns too: ‘Blackpool You’re On Fire!’

In a much different multi-effects project, we used 5 finger flames as the backdrop to a string quartet playing in front of Luton Hoo stately home. The flame jets were programmed to shoot on cue with the music, giving a visually spectacular backdrop to the performance that ensured a memorable night.

Flame effects used at Livewire festival


Indoor flames

When you’re shooting out 10 metre high flames, you’re obviously going to need a lot of space, which is why the more spectacular flame jets are mainly used outdoors. But there are flame machines that you can use in indoor venues and on smaller festival stages that will also add spectacle to your festival.

The flame bar is a two metre wide bar with a row of jets that can sit on the stage and produce a 50 cm high ‘wall’ of fire that produces an exciting illusion of singers and musicians being surrounded by flames.

While designed to be safe enough to be used indoors, the flame bar also works well outdoors. We worked on one memorably frenetic performance by the American rock band Fever 333 at the Reading Festival in 2022. We positioned the flame bar in front of the drums, and this, along with flame jets and CO2 jets, was used throughout their performance to supercharge the atmosphere.

Shooting Flame Pyro effect at a Fever concert

Flame machine hire

We have a number of flame machines available for hire or dry hire that will add flashes of brilliance to your festival performances. Use the online form to contact us to discuss the best flame machines for the needs of your acts, the size of your venue and, of course, your budget.

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