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Are you a busy events planner, intent on organising some on-trend events in 2018? Perhaps you’re planning the wedding of a lifetime, or another one-off celebration. Whatever the occasion, you should be adopting the very latest in en-vogue entertainment. Here we’ll reveal all you need to know about the latest event trends.

3D projections

Special effects will be larger than life in 2018, with 3D projection mapping one of the latest event trends to enter the mainstream this year. This high-tech effect offers the ability to synchronise realistic 3D images with a live performance, giving you the potential to include exciting dance sequences, objects and characters in any location. It’s a fantastically impressive technique suitable for live music performances and other stage shows.

Holographic images

Going one step further than 3D projections, floating 3D holograms are another augmented reality effect that’ll make you stop and look twice. Created using special holographic projectors, these futuristic images have been used by Perrier in a recent marketing campaign. Could they be the latest special effects to come to an event near you?

Drone shows

What’s that overhead? This year, drones will be put to use as a stunning, entertaining effect, with light shows created using individual lights, each one attached to a drone that is controlled and co-ordinated to ‘dance’ in a choreographed sequence. This spectacular special effect will look fantastic as an alternative to fireworks, or incorporated as part of a light show.

Experiential events

Innocent Drinks experiential marketing stunt involving our Giant Custom Water Feature

One of the hottest terms mentioned in the events industry right now is ‘experiential’. What does this mean? In short, experiential events are those that emphasise and elevate guests’ experiences right down to the finest detail, using engaging and entertaining elements throughout the event rather than treating the entertainment as something separate and distinct. Experiential events and campaigns can include interactive elements such as games and activities, incidental light or water shows scattered throughout a venue, or food tasting experiences.

Going large in 2018

Last time we took a look at the current trends in special effects, we noted that bigger is better when it comes to entertainment. From Sydney’s rainbow fireworks to Dubai’s laser light show, the emphasis at the start of the year was on big, bombastic spectacles designed to impress. And if the New Year’s Eve displays were anything to go by, 2018 is going to be another exciting year for fireworks and light shows.

Here at Entertainment Effects we’re no strangers to record-breaking visual effects. So if you’re looking for fireworks, pyrotechnics, light shows or something completely unique to keep up with the latest event trends in your sector, contact us on 01707 269566 to see what we can do for you.


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