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Confetti is used to mark a joyous occasion, and music gigs can bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. That’s why confetti cannons have become such a staple element at many concerts, celebrating the end of a great night’s music with a blast of confetti floating down onto the performers and audience.
It not only adds the wow factor to an already memorable event, a theatre full of confetti swirling down from the roof also provides you with great photo opportunities.


Something we loved

One of the best examples of our work at a pop concert was at a Lewis Capaldi gig where we supplied the confetti for his final song at his first big solo concert. In order to create a big impact, we used Super Blasters, which fired the confetti over the stage as well as the audience. we also used Swirl Fans that discharged swirls of confetti into the atmosphere, spreading confetti over the stage and the audience as Lewis sang.

CONFETTI Lewis-Capaldi-Confetti-BW


Stadium concerts

In the smaller theatres and concert halls, the Super Blaster is more than big enough. But if you’re planning a stadium or arena gig, you’re going to need something a lot more powerful than a confetti cannon. The Stadium Shot II and its smaller but equally powerful equivalent Stadium Shot III use compressed air to hurl confetti up to 20 metres, or stadium streamers a massive 40 metres.



Confetti and streamers always go down a storm at festivals, and there’s a confetti cannon for every size and type of setting, from the main stage to dance tents. Ramp up the excitement with a range of confetti effects that are bound to get a lot of love on social media – great publicity for next year’s ticket sales!

CONFETTI Confetti-Festival



For nightclubs or smaller concerts, there’s the Confetti Clubblower. This is designed to fire paper or metallic confetti up to 8 metres away, and at any angle. Its noise levels are low which means it won’t spoil the music, even in a smaller space, and giving the club an occasional burst of glitter will add to the festive atmosphere.

CONFETTI Confetti gun


Alongside confetti cannon hire, we also supply a range of confetti in different shapes and colours, as well as multi-coloured streamers and streamer cannons. You can even match your confetti to the songs with heart-shaped confetti for romantic songs or Valentine’s Day events, or snow confetti for Christmas festivals. Also popular is UV confetti which comes in neon colours – perfect for clubbing, especially if you’re having an ‘80s nite!

CONFETTI Power shot confetti


Health and safety considerations

Confetti cannons and blasters come with few health and safety concerns because they don’t generate heat, nor do they use explosives which means no sparks or heat are produced when you fire them. In addition, the streamers and loose confetti we supply are flame retardant.


Confetti machine hire for music events

We offer dry hire for confetti machines, confetti cannons and confetti blasters, as well as swirl fans, club blowers and stadium blowers. Whatever the size of your gig, festival or music event, talk to us about adding the element of fun with confetti cannon hire for indoor and outdoor venues. Call us on 01707 269 566 to discuss the most suitable type of confetti cannon for your event.




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