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Alongside our range of dancing fountains, we also offer an extensive range of fountain products that can be used for events both indoors and outdoors. Our fountains are commonly used for weddings, parties, promotional and live events.

Most water fountain displays are tailored to your individual needs, therefore whatever your requirements, please contact us to bring your idea to life!

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


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Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


Our basic product is the ornamental fountain pictured below. It is a self-contained unit which can be positioned in a foyer, ballroom or marquee to create a beautiful focal point. The fountain includes a central water cascade and a perimeter ring of water jets.

That being said, we can create water fountain displays for events to almost any size (round, square and rectangular) – we just require a flat surface and a power supply. If a local water source is available then we will fill the tank using a hose. Alternatively, we can bring along an external water source to your chosen venue.

At the end of the hire, we pump the water out of the tank and carefully dispose of the water for you.

Water Fountain Entertainment Effects


Our entry level ornamental round fountain is the most popular and is used as a decorative feature.

We can also offer larger or rectangular fountains including custom build designs that can be incorporated on top tables or in entrance walkways.

It’s also possible to position wedding cakes in the middle of the fountain!


We’ve built a range of custom water fountains for corporate marketing campaigns. The fountain pictured to the right was built for Campo Viejo Wine to launch a new Rose – we even dyed the water pink!

Another project was for SONY who sponsored Tough Mudder and we built a fountain to showcase their ultra tough water proof range of products.


There are a huge variety of events taking place in cities across the country and our fountains are a popular addition to many of these, forming the part of live entertainment shows.

A great example is the Fire and Ice Festival in Durham where our fountain and flame show was used to close the act.


  • Location – Our team require a flat surface to install the fountains. If that’s not available, then we can install a deck to create a flat platform. The Fire and Ice picture above is an example of this.
  • Water – Our smaller features can easily be filled using a standard kitchen or bathroom tap. For larger features, ideally our team would have access to a fire hydrant to save time with the filling process.
  • Power – All of our fountains require power to run the pumps and the lights. We will calculate the exact power requirements, but our entry-level fountain can be run off a standard 13amp plug. Our larger outdoor fountains require a 32amp 3-Phase supply. If there is no power available then we can supply a generator.



At Entertainment Effects, we specialise in temporary installations for events but do not work on permanent installations.

Prior to installation, we check the floor and clear it of any foreign bodies which may damage the liner. Once a fountain is filled with water it can not be moved, so we build the tank and agree on the final position with the client beforehand.

Once positioned, we add in the fountain jets, lights and commence filling the feature with water. When the water level is about 50% full we can complete a test of the fountain jets, during which we alter the height and align the direction of all the jets. We then fill the remainder of the water and the feature is ready to go!

  • We require a flat and stable surface for the fountain.
  • Due to the weight of the water, we need to check the load-bearing of the floor where the fountain will be positioned.

Once the fountain is installed you can use it for as long as you wish. Most of our clients have the display running for the duration of their event.


Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, but our pumps are IP68 rated and specifically designed for this purpose.

We complete a site-specific RAMS document, detailing our Risk Assessment and Method Statement in detail.

Legionella’s disease is often a concern for many event organisers when an airborne water element is included. Luckily, Entertainment Effects take all the necessary health and safety measures to avoid this, which you can learn more about on our Water Special Effects page.


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