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Entertainment Effects is a leading UK firework display company with great experience in all aspects of the industry. These are a great way to end an evening and really WOW an audience, so whatever event you’re planning, our unique combination of fireworks, pyrotechnics and flame effects are guaranteed to thrill at your event.

We can create spectacular professional firework displays for any occasion, whether it be a corporate, public or private event. We tailor each display to your required needs, considering the duration of the display and personal colour or shape requirements. We also have extra effects which can accompany your display – from close proximity pyrotechnics to the option of you starting the display yourself.

Safety is paramount when it comes to a fireworks dispaly and we work to the highest standards.


The cost of your display will be determined by two main factors – the duration and the intensity (the amount of fireworks fired at once). We usually recommend a shorter and more impactful display so it’s best to look at the price per minute when deciding what you want.

We make the following suggestions as a minimum starting point…

CELEBRATIONS – 3-8 minutes – £250+ per minute.

BONFIRE NIGHT – 15-20 minutes – £150+ per minute.

WEDDINGS – 2-5 minutes – £200+ per minute.

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


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Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


Many of our firework displays are choreographed to music. We can work with tracks selected by yourself or we will propose a compilation specifically for your display and then design the fireworks to synchronise with the music.

Technology has developed significantly in the industry over the past decade and at Entertainment Effects we strive to be at the forefront of the latest advancements. All of our displays are pre-programmed and fired using a computer and we have invested in a pioneering firing system which drives both accuracy and safety. 

Whatever you are celebrating then we’re available to make it even more memorable. We’ll take the stress out of your day – all you have to do is sit back, watch and enjoy!


What are ariel shells?

  • These are the largest fireworks we use which explode high in the sky. They’re usually classified as Cat 4 (professional use only).
  • A shell is like a traditional rocket, but a much larger professional version which is fired from a mortar tube.
  • A lift charge fires the shell into the air at over 100mph. When it reaches a specific height it bursts and scatters smaller stars across the sky, creating the beautiful patterns and effects in the sky.

Which ariel shell effects are available?

The most traditional shell is called a Peony, providing a round break of bright colour. They are available in single, multiple and even colour changing varieties. There are also Tourbillions, Strobes, Chrysanthemums, Fish and Willows.


More elaborate products – speciality effects

  • Tourbillions – Produce spinning shots that spiral through the sky.
  • Strobes – Contain stars that burn brightly and dimly in quick succession to create a flickering effect.
  • Chrysanthemums – Produce one or more concentric spheres.
  • Fish – Send flurries of stars in an erratic dispersal – a great low-noise effect.
  • Willows – Another quiet effect mimicking the weeping willow tree which generates long trails that drift slowly down towards the floor.


What are multi-shot effects?

  • As opposed to the aerial shells which have a delayed detonation as they sore into the sky, these ground-level products produce beautiful effects much closer to the ground.
  • Multiple shots are produced from one package. They are fused internally so that after initial ignition, each product lights the next one automatically on a set time delay.

What multi-shot effects are available?

Choose from three different multi-shot firework types to achieve your desired effect, including Roman Candles, Dragons and Cakes.



  • The Candle tends to have fewer, larger shots than the other multi-shots.
  • Most commonly, it contains 8 shots, stacked on top of each other in a tall tube.
  • They perform like small shells but fire lower in the sky in quick succession.
  • They are available in different calibres (sizes), 20 – 50 mm.


  • A Dragon usually comprises of 56 small fireworks fired very rapidly. It’s effectively like 7 tiny Candles bundled together.
  • They are available in a wide range of colours and effects including crackles.
  • We often group multiple Dragons together, firing them at different angles to create a barrage of constant firing lasting circa 20-25 seconds.


  • Cakes come in all shapes and sizes and comprise of multiple single ignition tubes in one layer.
  • Range from 19 – 200+ shots.
  • The tubes can all be vertical or include angles (fanned Cakes).
  • The speed in which they fire varies dramatically, from single shots at a time or 10+, creating a large list of effects to fil the sky.
  • Cakes provide great variety within a display and are also very quick to install.


What are close proximity pyros?

Each firework has its own safety distance which must be maintained from the audience, usually ranging from 25-100m. However, we have a range of speciality close proximity pyrotechnics which can safely be used much closer to the crowd for dramatic effect.

These items are usually single shots, which are also used for the creative elements within a display where we want to accurately synchronise the display so that the products fire in exact time with a musical accompaniment.


We’re not a traditional fireworks business, we are a special effects company. We, therefore, have other products which can be added to your display to take it to the next level.

Products include searchlights, multibeam spaceflowers and CO2 smoke effects, but most notably, we have a dancing flame system which produces huge jets of fire to add some extra heat to your display.


  • Bonfire Night – This represnets our busiest time of the year and we provide displays across the country for councils, sports clubs, schools and more.
  • Corporate Events – We’re the preferred supplier for the prestigious Royal Yacht Britannia and work with other high profile companies during their events.
  • New Year’s Eve – One of the most iconic times for a firework display! We’ve supplied the iconic Edinburgh Hogmanay display for 10 years.


  • Available Space – We often get asked to provide displays in peoples back gardens, but to do so we need an absolute minimum of 30m clear space in multiple directions.
  • Firing Time – It needs to be dark for the fireworks to be seen clearly and it’s illegal to fire after 23:00 (apart from five specific dates), so be sure to check the sunset times and plan your display accordingly.
  • Musical Accompaniment – We strongly recommend having a backing track to accompany your display, so you’ll need a suitable PA system which we can also provide if you don’t already have one.


Installation and Set-Up

Your firework display will be fully designed and programmed in advance, but the majority of the installation has to take place on-site. Because there are specific rules surrounding the safe transportation of fireworks, final set-up has to be done on arrival.

Depending on the size of the display, rigging can take most the day (circa 8 hours). 


A typical rigging schedule consists of the following:

  1. The first job is to access the site, check the weather and ensure everything can progress as per the plan.
  2. The fireworks are then secured safely into position, which involves lots of hammering stakes into the ground and cable tying items into place.
  3. Once everything is in position, the products are wired into the firing modules. There is a huge amount of cabling involved in any firework display as all of our shows are fired electronically.
  4. Next, all the firing modules need to be linked together and a system check is complete to make sure all the products have been plugged in.
  5. Then, a final check of the site is completed, double-checking the security and angle of all the products.
  6. Finally, it’s a waiting game until the firing time approaches.

Legal restrictions:

  1. Fireworks are split into four categories and the ones we use in our displays, Category 4 fireworks, can only be used by professionals.
  2. It’s also against the law for anyone to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am, except on certain occasions including Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

Health & Safety restrictions:

These must be considered for each site as there are specific distances which need to be maintained between an audience and the fireworks in one direction, and a fall out zone on the opposite side.

We get many requests for displays in peoples back gardens, which just aren’t big enough to operate safely, unfortunately.

How long does a firework display last?

The duration of your display will be determined by your budget, but the type of event, audience and weather should also be taken into consideration.

A large scale Bonfire Night display usually lasts between 15-25 minutes for example. This is likely to be the longest display because the entire event is based around the fireworks, as opposed to a wedding for example where it’s an addition to the main event.

For other displays, we recommend utilising a shorter, more impactful display in which you can increase the spend per minute. For New Year’s Eve, weddings and parties, for example, we suggest a duration of 3-5 minutes.

It’s important to think of the weather of course, specifically if it’s very cold or wet. Do you want to drag your guests outside for 15 minutes in the middle of winter? Probably not. 

Health & Safety Information

​We source only the highest quality fireworks and our qualified technicians ensure that they are rigged and released in line with the highest of safety standards.

All of our fireworks displays are covered by £10m public liability insurance and our team supply specific risk assessments and method statements as appropriate.

We also provide all of our customers with a Job Specific Health & Safety Document which includes everything from detailed diagrams and site layouts.

Read more about the specific Health & Safety precautions taken.


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