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What’s the next big household name? Check out some of the newest and most exciting brands to watch in 2019.

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Monzo logo

One of the biggest brands to break in 2019 has been Monzo – a bank account you may already be carrying around in your pocket. The Monzo app makes it easy to pay anyone you like and keep tabs on your spending. With its user-friendly interface, simple payment features and transparent approach to finances, it’s easy to see why the Monzo brand is a breakthrough in banking.


Mirror logoMirrors is an innovative new brand that uses smart technology to bring fitness classes to your home. The brand’s full-length smart mirror connects you with others in real-time, offering access to all kinds of workouts, from yoga to boxing and using biometric data to help you track your fitness journey. Already creating a buzz, it’s set to disrupt the personal fitness market and change the way we work out in our homes.


Allplants logoIs the future vegan? One brand making a plant-based lifestyle easier to achieve is Allplants. Jumping firmly into the zeitgeist, the company delivers chef-made, freezable vegan meals to your home or workplace. This is a brand that’s building its reputation on its ethical principles; it’s delivery service is carbon-neutral, and all packaging is fully recyclable.


Guillette Labs logoThe Gillette brand is well established, but its latest incarnation, Gillettelabs, is carving a new path. The brand’s star product, the revolutionary Heated Razor, is a premium blade that’s heated to a constant temperature of 50 degrees Celsius for a superior shave. The combination of a trusted brand with genuine innovation makes Gillettelabs a cut above the rest in 2019’s male grooming market.


Moodo logoCreate a scent for every mood with Moodo aroma diffusers. Personalisation is Moodo’s USP; a combination of interchangeable scent capsules and smart technology allows users to customise the fragrance in their home, and even create their own signature scent. With rave reviews in the press, the future for Moodo certainly smells sweet.

Oculus VR

Oculus logoVirtual reality gaming is one of the fastest-growing areas of technology in 2019. With the release of their latest headset, the Rift, VR headset company Oculus are taking things to the next level. Their vision? A world in which virtual reality can transform everything from education to business productivity, even changing the way we think.


Disney+ logoCould it all be over for Netflix? The media world is abuzz with chatter about Disney+, the new streaming service set to launch in the US in November 2019. With an enviable catalogue of exclusive movies and original shows, Disney+ will inevitably be a big player in the global streaming media market, and it aims to amass 60-90 million users by the end of September 2024. Will it succeed? Watch this space!


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