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Whatever your event, adding sparkle will give it pizazz and make it much more exciting. This is where the Showven Sparkular range comes into its own, especially for indoor events.
The Sparkular is relatively new technology that offers a safe way of having indoor sparkler fountains to great professional effect. Sparkular machines can shoot jets of silver sparks up to 10 metres high, but instead of using a flame, it uses a granulated metal compound that produces cold sparks. All the machines can be linked and programmed, which means you can coordinate your sparkling effects with music and lighting, and always be in control. This makes spark machine hire a very popular option and they come with a number of key advantages:



While outdoor sports fixtures and concerts can make use of large flames, having jets of fire indoors has clear safety implications. The safety of your performers and audience is paramount when using special effects, and the Sparkular’s cold spark technology is one of its main advantages. It doesn’t smoke much, and is safe to use in indoor venues because the sparks aren’t flammable. With a safety distance of just one metre, the machines can be placed closer to the action. In addition, the operator can cut the effect at any time. This means Sparkulars are a fantastic substitute for flame jets. Both the Pro and Cyclone models are waterproof, which means they can also be used at outdoor events, even in heavy rain.


Make your walk ons shine

Whether you’re hosting an awards event, a sporting event, or a concert, adding jets of sparks behind your participants as they walk on to the stage will immediately add even more excitement. The use of Sparkulars will really elevate the intensity, focusing the audience’s attention on the person in question at the same time as giving you a fantastic photo opportunity – the footage of the event will look amazing!


Sparktacular product launches

When you need a lot of attention on a new product launch, a Sparkular will up the ante. We love the Sparkular Fall which, instead of shooting fountains of sparks into the air, will create a waterfall effect from a height, creating a beautiful curtain of fizzing light behind your new product.

SPARKULAR Sparkular-Fall-AMG-Mercedes


Concerts with added zing

Turn your concert into a wonderful spectacle with Sparkular effects. Machines can be linked together and programmed to create dynamic displays that will complement the music and supercharge the performance.



Entertainment shows, musicals and pantos can be enhanced with the use of Sparkulars. They’re a great way of providing impact to musical crescendos and are fantastic fun when they’re used for finales and encores.

SPARKULAR Man-celebrating-winning-fifa-game-with-sparkular-cyclone-flame-behind-him



Flame jets are being used more and more in big games, and Sparkulars are a great alternative, especially in indoor sports. There’s no reason that the sport itself has to be the only exciting part of the event! We’ve used our flame jets and Sparkulars at darts matches, football matches, ice rinks, and even snooker tournaments.

SPARKULAR Mark-Allen-holding-trophy-while-Sparkulars-fire-behind-him


Great for smaller venues

The Sparkular mini is a great option for smaller venues. You’ll get the same exciting sparkling effect, but toned down for the smaller venue size.


Spark machine hire

Whether you want dry hire or need our team of specialists to take charge, talk to us about Showven Sparkler machine hire. Call us on 01707 269 566 or contact us online to discuss the hire period, and work out what you’ll need to make your event truly sparktacular!

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