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Our dancing fountains (otherwise known as musical fountains) are beautiful, elegant, and flexible in design. Vibrant coloured jets of water leap through the air, pulsing and spinning in time with the music to give the illusion that the water is dancing. Our system is completely mobile and its modular design enables us to build fountains of varying shapes and sizes to maximise the available space.

Dancing water fountains can be used for entertainment purposes or simply as a decorative feature. We can install the fountain in an existing body of water such as a lake, pond or river, or alternatively, we can construct a dedicated tank. Installations can be for a single day event or longer installations for several months. We can combine other products as part of a show including pyrotechnics, flame jets and fireworks.

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Our dancing fountains are most commonly used outdoors utilising existing bodies of water like lakes, canals or rivers. We can also construct a custom-built tank for the fountain, enabling us to locate the fountains at almost any venue. Tanks start at 9m wide and we can create a floating system up to 80m wide.

The fountains can be set in one position to make an elegant feature, or they can switch between different shapes to create a dynamic dancing fountain show. The water is controlled via a computer and can also be set to a timer, so long term installations can run smoothly without the costly requirement of having a technician on-site every day.


These family-friendly events are becoming more and more popular each year during the winter months of October to January where the light draws in early.

Events are held at prestigious venues, woodlands and city centres. A number of varied light installations are positioned on a walking trail for you to enjoy while having a gentle stroll.

Our dancing fountains are a popular addition to many of these events.


Not all wedding venues allow fireworks because of constraints and complaints from neighbours. So if you’re looking for an end of the night showcase entertainment then a fountain and flame show is sure to excite your guests.

The fountains can also provide a beautiful backdrop for photos.


Our fountains are a fan favourite at University Balls where neighbouring colleagues compete to see who can provide the best year-end send-off.

They’re so popular that one college in Cambridge decided to flood their entire courtyard in order to be able to incorporate the fountains and of course some punts.


  • Location – If you have an existing body of water then we require a minimum 1-metre depth to float the fountain. If we’re going to build a tank then we need a flat surface. If that’s not possible, then we can build a deck and place the fountain on that.
  • Sound – If you want to take advantage of the synchronisation to music then you will require a P.A. system. If you don’t have one then we can also provide this.
  • Power – We will calculate the exact power requirements but for a 20-30 metre wide feature you will likely require a minimum of a 32amp 3-Phase supply. If there is no power available then we can also supply a generator.
  • Weather – The jets of water are susceptible to the wind and the fountain can be blown about in windy conditions, affecting the height of the jets and the overall aesthetic of the feature.
  • Water – This is obviously only a concern when we’re constructing a tank where several thousand litres of water is required, so ideally we’d have access to a fire hydrant. We can use a standard tap but it can be very time-consuming.


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At Entertainment Effects, we specialise in temporary installations for events but do not work on permanent installations.

The submersible pumps are attached to a metal frame with floats. The module is then lifted or slid down a ramp into the water. This process is repeated for all the floating frames until they are all in the water. They are then equally spaced out and attached to each other using metal bars so that the whole system then becomes one large unit – this helps for stability.

The unit is then secured in place, usually by running a metal wire from the corners to the shore and tying it off.

Each of the pumps is then plugged into the lighting dimmer. Each pump needs to be plugged into a predetermined channel. The system is then linked up to the computer for testing.

  • For floating systems, we require a minimum water depth of 1-metre.
  • Power is a key factor – the pumps draw a lot of voltage, so you’ll need to check you can get the required output.
  • Viewing distance needs to be considered. The optimum distance to view the fountains is from around 20-30 metres away. Too close and you can risk getting wet from the spray or you can see the whole width if its too far away, which can make the fountain look quite small.
  • Height of the water – ideally the water is at a similar height to the viewing area.  If the water level is much lower then you don’t get the full effect and only see the top few meters.

The duration of the show is very flexible and we’re always keen for our customers to get as much use of the fountain as possible once its in situ.

The only factor which can affect the duration of its use is the programming time required to synchronise it to the music.

To overcome this, we can either run a shorter program on a loop or run the fountain without the music for a period of time, letting them simply scroll through a range of shapes and designs.

Many clients like to focus a shorter period on a high impact musical design and then use it as a decorative feature for the remainder of the event.


Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, but our pumps are IP68 rated and specifically designed for this purpose.

All our lighting dimmers have trip switches or fuses which work like circuit breakers. So if there are any issues then they cut the power as a safety measure.

Key considerations:

– If the body of water is being used for other activities such as rowing boats then we may need to cordon off an area to prevent people from coming too close to our equipment

Legionella’s disease is often a concern for many event organisers when an airborne water element is included. Luckily, Entertainment Effects take all the necessary health and safety measures to avoid this, which you can learn more about on our Water Special Effects page.


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