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Bespoke Water Features

We like a challenge here at Entertainment Effects and have successfully completed a number of bespoke special effects projects. We’ve assisted in a wide range of wonderful and wacky events over the years – you can view some of our case studies below for inspiration.

If you haven’t seen exactly what you’re looking for amongst our products then please give our special effects team a call and we’ll be delighted to discuss your exact requirements. Many of our Custom Water Features have been developed on the back of bespoke requests made by previous clients, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


It’s difficult to provide specific product information for this specific range because each Custom Water Feature and effect is a unique creation and built bespoke to meet the clients event brief and venue requirements.

Our team of specialists are always happy to offer free demonstrations of our water special effects at our Hertfordshire based office, and where possible, we will mock up prototypes or show you similar working examples that are in line with your concept. If you can’t make it to our office then we can video and photograph the items and send them to events coordinators.


  • Publicity Stunts – We broke a World record when Innocent Drinks asked us to make ‘the World’s Largest Sprinkler’ for a pop up event in Victoria Park.
  • Product Launches – Adidas were launching the new Predator Boot and created an interactive launch event where Premiership footballers undertook some skill based challenges, including dribbling in and out of our coloured water jets.
  • Exhibition Stands – Lexus was the title sponsor for BBC Gardener’s World Live Exhibition. To showcase their cars and the brands heritage they created a Japanese Zen Garden in which we floated two supercars.
  • Product Activation – Sony were a title sponsor at Tough Mudder and wanted to exhibit their range of hardwearing waterproof products. We built them a bespoke, interactive water fountain feature with a central product display unit.


  • Power – All of our bespoke water special effects require power. If this cannot be provided then our team can source a generator.
  • Water – We just need any standard bathroom or kitchen tap to enable us to attach a hosepipe. If there is no supply available our specialists can bring water in barrels or arrange a tanker delivery. At the end of the event we will remove the water.
  • Flat Surface – We require a flat surface to position all of our Custom Water Features. If the working area isn’t flat then we can build a deck to create a level platform.
  • Health & Safety – We will complete an event specific Health & Safety assessment and provide all the relevant documentation, including our £10m Public Liability Insurance.


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Concept Stage
The first stage in any bespoke water special effect project is to check the feasibility – can the idea be achieved. This often sends our team to the drawing board or back to our Hertfordshire based workshop to experiment. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of our job as we love a challenge!

If we think we can make it work then great, we move on the next stage. If not then we will look at alternatives to gauge whether something similar can be achieved, sending a formal proposal back to the client in this instance. Sometimes our team have to work with other companies to bring larger scale water effect projects to life, so this process can take a few days, especially if we need to speak with other suppliers to exchange ideas etc.

On the odd occasion, we may have to admit defeat and say that we can’t achieve the brief.

Development & Testing
We build and fully test all of our bespoke water special effects prior to the event. So, once the project has been given the green light it’s all about building further prototypes, or in some cases, straight onto the final product.

We’ll keep you up to date throughout the process and liaise with any other companies and/or suppliers who may be involved in the project.

As the build develops we will conduct extensive tests to ensure that everything is progressing as expected.

Quote Stage
Once we’ve established that the project is feasible then its time to get the calculator out and start crunching the numbers.

The project is achievable on paper but can it be done within the required budget and timelines that the client has in mind? Our team will complete a detailed quote, highlighting the key considerations, designs and milestones which will then be sent to the client for consideration, feedback and hopefully, sign off.

Health & Safety
We complete a Risk Assessment and fill in all relevant paperwork for any project, including method statements and providing proof of our insurance.


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