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Produce instantaneous jets of CO2 to create a smoke or fog-like effect at your next event. All our CO2 special effects are high-impact, extremely versatile and designed for repeat use in almost any scenario – a valuable addition to sports competitions and music concerts especially. Think about utilising multiple CO2 jets to create an exciting chase sequence across a stage, outside a grand entrance to a venue or alongside a sports pitch. The possibilities are endless!

Our dedicated team are available to assist you throughout the concept, design and execution stages of your project. Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


What is a CO2 Jet?

  • When rigging on-stage or to a truss, a 6-8 metre vertical upwards or downwards plume can be achieved.


What is a smoke effect?

  • Essentially two CO2 jets fired towards each other.
  • A 4-metre horizontal plume can be achieved to create a large cloud of smoke, providing a low fog/mist effect.
C02 and flame special effects for Chelsea football entrance
Indoor Pyro


What is a CO2 Low Fogger?

  • The Le’Maitre Freezefog Pro creates a dramatic, controllable low-lying fog effect when used in conjunction with a GForce fog machine.
  • The smoke machine is pumped into the Freezefog where it combines with liquid CO2, cooling the fog and enabling it to stick to the floor rather than rising into the air. This creates a blanket of white cloud across the floor.


What are CO2 Guns and Pistols?

  • Handheld and capable of creating CO2 plumes up to 8m.
  • The trigger and second handle makes stage firing on the move easy for performers and DJ’s.


Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


  • Sports Events – When two CO2 jets are fired towards each other it can create a large cloud of smoke which is great for dramatic effect during team entries or at the start of a running race. Take the Ultimate Strongman event for example. 
  • Stage Productions – Best results are achieved indoors as the gas is susceptible to wind, so the effects are well-suited to theatre productions, stage shows and indoor gigs.
  • Music Performances and Festivals – Firing the effects in time with music really elevates a performance – much like Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff’s Livewire Festival comeback


  • Can be fired in any direction – vertically upwards or downwards when rigged on-stage/attached to a truss, or horizontally. 
  • Can be operated within some of the smallest special effects safety distances – circa one metre. 
  • 6-8 metre vertical and 4 metre horizontal plumes can be achieved depending on weather conditions.
  • CO2 source bottles are available in 6kg, 9kg and 36kg and will fire for 20, 30 and 90 seconds respectively.
  • The CO2 disperses quickly in the air, so there’s no lingering effect, unlike a smoke machine. 


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Installation and Set-up

In most instances, the CO2 head will be rigged to a stage or truss, then a feed hose will run back to the CO2 source bottle. 

If required, our team are able to provide a wireless option which can be used and moved in and out of position quickly, providing further flexibility for fast-paced sporting events for example. In this case, we utilise the smallest CO2 bottle and store it in a case with the CO2 head, firing the gas out of a small hole in the top.

  • Although the products can be utilised outdoors, the best results are achieved indoors as the gas is susceptible to wind.
  • CO2 heads need to be connected to a CO2 cylinder. Due to the size of the cylinder bottles, these usually need to be hidden backstage out of sight and must remain upright, thus cannot be laid down underneath a stage.
  • Our CO2 special effects make quite a loud high-pitched noise, meaning they may be unsuitable for some event types.
How long do the CO2 special effects last?

The duration is dependant upon the size of the source bottle – 6kg, 9kg and 36kg bottles are available. Dependent on your specific event needs, these provide a duration of circa 20, 30 and 90 seconds respectively.

That being said, it is possible for our specialist team to link two bottles together or switch in fresh bottles where needed. 

The air temperature can also effect the size and density of the jets, as well as how quickly the gas disperses after it has been fired.  

Health & Safety Information

Your event will be handled with total professionalism and safety, but there are a few precautions to be aware of: 

  • It’s important that CO2 jets are not fired directly towards crowds or guests.
  • Small fragments of ice can be fired out of the nozzles at times and there is a risk of a cold/freeze burn from the gas. 

All of our employees are trained to the BPA guidelines and undertake an extensive list of precautionary measures before undertaking any job. Any risks will be outlined within your very own job-specific health and safety document. 

Discover more about our Health & Safety precautions.  


Want to rig and run an effect yourself? Check out our extensive range of CO2 special effect products available and ready for you to hire or purchase.

Products can be shipped nationwide by courier, or for larger/local orders we can deliver them ourselves. Alternatively, if you’re passing by, you can save on the delivery charges and collect them free of charge!

CO2 Jets

CO2 Gun Hire

Back view of AMG surrounded by Low Fog Effect

Low Fogger

CO2 jets at livewire festival

CO2 Power Jet


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