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There’s nothing more atmospheric than plumes of smoke covering a stage. Whether it’s to create a fog effect for a play, plumes of smoke that slowly dissipate to reveal a new performer (think Live at the Apollo), or firing plumes of smoke into the air to celebrate a sporting victory or enhance a music concert, smoke machine hire can help elevate your event.

Smoke machines can be used indoors or outdoors, though they are much more effective indoors where there is no breeze. While swirling smoke is visually exciting, it dissipates much more quickly, and on a windy day there’s virtually no point in using a smoke machine for an outdoor event.

The type of fog machine hire you need will depend on your event and how you want to use the smoke effects.


Low fog machines

Low fog is an extremely popular effects machine and is widely used in the entertainment industry.

In the theatre, low fog is especially effective when you need to create a spooky atmosphere, for example, for scenes set at night. They’re almost an essential element in horror and ghost stories. In the stage play of The Woman in Black, low fog machines were used to great effect by covering not only the stage but also most of the people sitting in the stalls, so the audience got to experience for themselves what it would be like to be disorientated by thick fog.

Low fog is also popular with musicians and smoke machines are often used at gigs. They not only make the musicians and singers look good, they also help to enhance the lighting effects as the beams get picked up in the swirling smoke, creating a really exciting light show.

In the PR world, low fog machines are often used in product launch photography. Having smoke creeping across the floor beneath a product helps create the illusion of a big reveal but without obscuring what the client is trying to sell.

Back view of AMG surrounded by Low Fog Effect


Smoke machines

Smoke (Cryo) machines like CO2 jets, power jets and sonic boom jets will create much more dramatic smoke effects and can help to ramp up the excitement. They shoot out jets of smoke up to 15 metres high, adding a lot of drama to any event. This is why they’re so popular at sporting events, gigs, clubs and festivals.

Power jets are a great alternative to using flame effects as they’re a lot safer, and can also be used indoors and in smaller areas.

They also make a very effective backdrop when used behind a person or product, especially when two jets are used together to create a thick wall of smoke.

Hire CO2-Hover Effects Machine England


Handheld launchers

Handheld CO2 pistols, guns and launchers are great for smaller events, or for following the action around. This means you can get smoke into different areas of the auditorium and are not confined to the main action where the static smoke machines will be installed. Perfect for making everyone feel included. They are fired manually and can send out up to 8 metre jets of smoke.

Launchers have the additional advantage of being able to also launch streamers, confetti and even T-shirts, making them ideal for all kinds of entertainment, including promotional events.

Smoke effect hire

We are a specialist effects hire company with years of experience in the field. We can help by advising you on the best effects for your needs, whether you’re looking for smoke machine hire on its own, or with a whole range of brilliant effects that, in combination, will create an exciting atmosphere and really make your event shine.

If you have your own specialist team, we are happy to dry hire. Alternatively, talk to us about how we can help you make your event smoking hot!

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