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Since 2019


Since 2019, we’re proud that Entertainment Effects has put in place a procedure to calculate and offset our carbon emissions. We believe that we are the first UK special effects company to implement such a policy and we’re proud to be leading the way in the sector on this important environmental matter.  

As a result of global warming, the earth is warming at an accelerated rate, mainly due to greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans, which have potentially damaging consequences. All businesses have a carbon footprint and here at Entertainment Effects, we feel we have a social responsibility to ensure we are doing our bit to help the planet. Our carbon offsetting initiative allows us to target and counterbalance the effects of our work with the carbon positive activity of tree planting.  

As a special effects company, we often find that we clock up a lot of miles travelling all over the country, as well as burning and exploding natural resources that emit harmful greenhouse gasses. Therefore we have established a wide-ranging approach to sustainable initiatives, including:
-Ongoing carbon footprint calculations, with mitigation strategies such as tree planting to offset it
-Consolidating deliveries to our premises and transportation to event venues to reduce vehicular movements and potential pollution
-Having a network of associates around the country to facilitate different venue locations, reducing travel and improving staff wellbeing


The graphic below illustrates the activities we have included in our project scope and carbon calculations. 

We have calculated the effects of: 

  • Activities at our Head Office and warehouse (Scope 1), including heating and electricity 
  • Operations involved in running the events (Scope 2) by measuring every mile driven, distances flown, gas burnt in our flames, the food we eat and the waste we produce 
  • We have also considered our staff and the impact caused by their journeys to and from work 
  • We are keen to include every single process, but whilst this won’t be possible for everything, we’re committed to accurately capturing all of the key activities that we feel will make a difference 
  • We have also applied a buffer to cover the smaller anomalies 
  • We are also identifying other areas of our business that can make a further impact by avoiding emissions, such as recycling and the use of renewable energy sources. 


As you can see from the graphic, scope 2 is the largest contributor to our emissions, accounting for 69% of our emissions.  

The number one contributor to our emissions is vehicle fuel, followed by the consumables in our products such as propane, isopropanol and pyrotechnics. 


We are currently taking the following actions to reduce our emissions: 

  • We procure from a European supplier (Europla) whose products meet all UK and EU standards and have been granted a CE kite mark.
  • Europla collect all our used single-shot plastic tubes, aiding our recycling efforts
  • We actively research improvements in technology and consumables that allow us to provide the same displays using more environmentally sustainable products. We work with Calor Gas who have ongoing development of gases that burn cleaner and produce less emissions.
  • We make use of renewable energy at our warehouse through solar panels on the roof  
  • We are switching to BioLPG, a renewable and sustainable propane. It’s made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials, reducing carbon output by 15% 
  • We are taking the train rather than driving where possible 
  • On instances where car travel is required carpooling is encouraged
  • We are reducing the use of paper throughout the office and instead are using online systems. 


We have identified My Carbon Plan, a locally-based non-profit organisation, as our partner to offset our emissions.

‘Carbon Plan Plant Trees’ focusses on funding the planting of new trees on land that isn’t already woodland.     

As part of their initiative, Carbon Plan plant two sets of trees: 

  • Trees native to a particular country or region; or 
  • Trees suitable for an appropriate end use-case e.g. construction. They aim to secure their sites for 100 years, while partner sites are secured for a minimum of 10 years. 

So far, our efforts have meant that we’ve contributed to planting over 4,500 trees.

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