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A bubble tube is a mesmerising column of bubbled water which is enhanced with coloured light. The individual bubbles catch and reflect the bright LED located in the base of the tube, making them a striking feature at parties, product launches and more.

Each acrylic tube is a self-contained, free-standing structure filled with water and contains thousands of small bubbles which rise to the surface. This makes them great for decorating entrances, filling open spaces, or catching people’s eye at exhibitions and nightclubs.

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The purpose of the bubble tube is ultimately decorative, but they can also be used to create a dividing wall, as a welcoming entrance feature, to attract customers to an exhibition stand, or to showcase products.

Bubble tube hire prices start at £100 per tube, although discounts are available for bulk purchases. Delivery and installation charges will also apply if you want our specialist team to manage this – all of which are dependant upon location and timings, available upon request.



  • Each tube has its own RGB LED light, positioned in the base.
  • Each bulb can be controlled individually using a wirelss remote, providing you great flexibility to colour co-ordinate your event to your specific requirements.
  • Bulbs can be set to a static colour or put on an automatic mode which will scroll or fade through the full spectrum of colours.


Quality vinyl logos can be fixed onto the bubble tubes, highlighting your brand, conveying a corporate statement or detailing information for your event.  ​



  • Suspend items within the bubble tubes to showcase your products and catch your audience’s eye.
  • A virtually invisible fishing wire is weighted down, with products attached along the line.
  • Past projects include displaying cosmetics, bank notes, shaving products, moisturisers, shampoo’s and more.


  • Party Venues – A great decorative feature which can be coloured to match the theme of your event.
  • Product Launches – Brand the tubes or suspend products in the water. Urban Decay and The Bank of England have floated lip glosses and waterproof polymer notes in our bubble tubes in the past.
  • In-Store POS – Speedo, for example, used our bubble tubes as part of an instore promotion to draw attention to their latest swimwear range.
  • Exhibition Stands & Product Pitches – Perfect for positioning on a stage or in a meeting room to add some colour to a business presentation with a water theme.


  • Colour – Each tube has its own LED bulb which can be set to a specific colour to suit its surroundings. Alternatively, bulbs can fade between a whole spectrum of colours. The brightness of the colour is affected by the amount of ambient light in the room.
  • Power – Our specialists will require a plug socket to power the bubble tubes.
  • Water – Any standard bathroom or kitchen tap will enable us to fill the tubes via a hose. As an alternative, our team can bring water in barrels. Afterwards, the water is syphoned out and poured down a drain.
  • Product Positioning – Should be positioned on a flat surface.


Wella logo
Bank of England logo
Garnier logo
Urban Decay - an Entertainment Effects client
L'Oreal logo
Tom Ford - an Entertainment Effects client


  • Set-up time varies dependent on the speed of the water and distance from our team’s van to the event space. As a guide, we aim to fill each tube in under ten minutes.
  • Each tube has a 13 amp plug, but only draw 0.2 amps each. For this reason, multiple bubble tubes can be run off one extension lead.
  • Once positioned, the tubes cannot be moved as they weigh circa 70 kilograms.
  • Water is siphoned out very quickly – around one minute per tube. Our team then disposes of the water in a convenient manner.
  • All tubes require a flat surface to provide a stable base for the product.
  • The brightness of the lights within the tubes is affected by the amount of ambient light in the room. The colours can be seen in artificially lit rooms, however, direct sunlight will minimise the affect of the bulb, so please consider this before hiring a bubble tube.
  • The bubble tube itself is made from a clear acrylic – 20cm in diamiter and 150 or 200cm tall including the base.
  • Each has a wooden base measuring 38cm square and contains a power socket, air pump and LED lightbulb. A silver base cover is also supplied – these slide over the tubes to cover the working parts and dampens the slight noise created by the pump. Matching caps are also supplied to place on top of the tube, or they can be left exposed if you prefer.
  • A single bubble tube can carry circa 50 and 70 litres of water respectively and have a weight of 55 and 75kg.
Bubble tubes are extremely safe, but they can be knocked over during an event. To combat this, we recommend positioning the tubes close to a wall, pillar or stage as opposed to the centre of a room.

Care and attention is also required when filling and emptying the tubes to prevent any water spillage. In the unlikely event of this happening, excess water will need to be cleared quickly with signage displayed to highlight the risks to guests.


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