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It’s often said that the staff Christmas party expresses its workplace culture, giving a unique insight into how a company treats its staff. So how do the biggest brands look after their employees during the holiday season? Check out these bold, big brand Christmas parties – some of the most impressive work dos in corporate history – and consider making a statement with Entertainment Effects’ special effects, water effects and illuminations at your next corporate party.

GoDaddy LogoGoDaddy’s $4 billion baseball blowout, 2010

GoDaddy proved they can host more than just websites, in this no-expenses-spared corporate celebration at Chase Field, Arizona. Just 5,000 guests were invited to the 48,000 capacity baseball stadium, but there was no problem filling the space. The web company built an entire amusement park complete with Ferris wheel and dodgems, for the exclusive enjoyment of their guests. After a spectacular firework display, guests were treated to a super-generous parting gift, as GoDaddy gave away a million dollars in cash. Now that really is a corporate Christmas party to envy!

Bloomberg LogoBloomberg London Christmas party, 2000

For many of us, drinks and nibbles next to the photocopier are as decadent as it gets at the staff Christmas party. Not so for financial and media giant Bloomberg at the turn of the century. Taking place at the height of the dotcom boom, this ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ themed event catered to all the Biblical foibles – including greed, gluttony and even lust. The million-pound blowout was widely billed as the most extravagant office party ever.

Google Logo‘Googlympus’ holiday celebration, San Francisco, 2006

Search Titan Google threw a marathon Greek-themed staff celebration in 2006, with 10,000 guests entertained with flamboyant costumes, Dionysian sideshows including mermaids, and a well. Guests moved between multiple tents named after Greek gods and goddesses. The activities at this classic event included a wine cork shooting gallery with wig wearing, and the Aphrodite tent featured an entire orchestra wearing purple headpieces. The event reportedly took five days to set up.

UBS LogoUBS Night at the Museum, 2007

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the small hours in the company of dinosaur remains, this would be your dream Christmas party. In 2007 – the year before the big financial crash – banking bigwigs UBS rented out the American Museum of Natural History and threw a lavish do for its employees. They partied all night in the shadow of a 94-foot fibreglass blue whale.

Facebook LogoFacebook’s winter village party, 2017

Despite a decidedly cool year for the social media giant, Facebook didn’t let the scandals hold it back from throwing a lavish, two-day party at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. Elaborate ice sculptures and a ski-lift gondola were among the impressive winter-themed decorations, while a larger-than-life Elf on the Shelf capered atop a shipping container. Guests took in the scenery while enjoying drinks at the Thumbs-Up Tavern.


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