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Special effects hire for sports matches has become very popular. When you need your sports events to have an additional wow factor, a volley of flames, sparkling fountains, confetti and streamers can combine to create a visual feast and give a sense of theatre that will thrill spectators and create a day to remember. Whilst also looking great in photos, videos and on TV!
We’ve used a mix of special effects for many sporting occasions including rugby matches, football matches, netball matches, darts tournaments and even diving competitions.
The advantages of SFX hire is that it adds excitement to a match – whether that’s the build-up before the action kicks off, to mark goals or tries, or the after match celebrations and trophy presentation. Click here to watch videos showing the ways we’ve incorporated SFX into sports, using flames, confetti, smoke and sparks.


Flame effects

Having huge jets of flames is one of the most exciting special effects to have at a sports event. Whether you’re introducing members of the team, building up the pre-match atmosphere, or celebrating a big win, a burst of fire always works brilliantly. Due to safety issues, flame effects can only be used in large outdoor stadiums where they can be kept well away from crowds and players.

BIG GAMES Fever-333-Flames


Creating sparks for your indoor venue

With flame jets providing such a fabulous spectacle for outdoor matches, it’s not surprising there’s a demand for something similar in indoor matches, which is where the Sparkular comes into its own. Sparkular machine hire has become a staple of indoor events, and we’ve used them at darts, snooker, ice skating, swimming and gymnastics competitions. With its cool temperature operation and non-flammable sparks, Sparkular machines provide a photogenic burst of light that will set your event on fire – but not literally!

SPARKULAR Sparkular-Netball


Smoke effects

A hugely effective way to add excitement to your sports match is to have the players emerge through a big cloud of smoke. CO2 hire allows your players to emerge from the fog through a variety of smoke effects, which not only excites the crowd but also offers great photo opportunities. Choose between smoke jets or low lying fog, or even both, for a powerful effect.

BIG GAMES Tion-Wayne-on-stage-in-front-of-crowd-with-Sparkulars-and-CO2-jets



Who doesn’t love confetti? It’s been used as a way of celebrating good fortune for millennia, so confetti machine hire for special occasions such as celebrating big sports victories, is a must! Powerful confetti cannons and blasters combined with confetti blowers can create a long lasting ticker tape effect across the victors and audience in a big crowd-pleasing display.

BIG GAMES Pyro1-Scottish-Cup-Hampden-Park



Pyrotechnics are the most spectacular way of celebrating victory once the big matches are over and the victors have been crowned. We specialise in pyro shows, creating stadium roof displays that are a visual treat. Unlike traditional fireworks, pyro leaves zero debris which ensures the crowds stay safe, and there isn’t any damage to the all-important pitch.

BIG GAMES Band-playing-in-front-of-flame-jets


Special effects hire for sporting events

If you’ve got a big match coming up and want it to go with a bang, talk to us about special effects equipment hire. We specialise in pyro hire, flame hire, Sparkular machine hire and confetti machine hire, either as a dry hire option or with our team of specialist operators.



Call us on 01707 269566 to discuss your plans, or email us at to arrange a convenient time to talk.

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