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Looking for ways to create the wow factor on your wedding day? Make an impact with these 4 stunning wedding special effects.

Dance on a cloud with low – lying fog

The first dance is your debut as a married couple, so it’s the perfect time to pull out all the stops. It’s a moment you’ll remember for years to come, so choose a song that means something to you both, co-ordinate your routine, and make it an entrance to remember.

With your life partner by your side you’ll feel like you’re walking on air, so why not enact it on the dance floor? Using a special low fog effect, you can surround yourselves in a blanket of smoke that will make it look as if you’re dancing on a cloud. Low-lying fog creates an immediate visual impact, but it won’t cloud the air or interfere with your photos. When desired, it will dissipate quickly so you can enjoy the rest of your night.

Create a spark with a Sparkular machine

If sparks fly when you’re together, why not celebrate your wedding in incendiary style? Stunning special effects like spark fountains are a spectacular choice for your big day. Synchronise the sparks with a selection of your favourite music for a breathtaking display.

You don’t need an outdoor area or even a large venue; with a Sparkular machine, you can create spark effects indoors, safely, even in a smaller space. The cool sparks are completely safe, and can be used even where regular pyrotechnics are not allowed. Read more about this amazing indoor pyrotechnic device.

Let it flow with an ornamental fountain

Indoor Fountain at EventCreate an elegant and stately impression in any wedding venue, with the addition of ornamental water fountains. Depending on their design, cascades of water can be used to bestow a classic sense of calm, or create a dramatic and dynamic feeling of celebration.

Our indoor fountains  are usually positioned in the foyer of your venue, but they can also be used outside – even in an existing body of water. Make the effect even more striking with co-ordinated illuminations.

Light up the sky, with a firework display

End the night with a bang, wowing your guests with your own private display. Wedding fireworks can be designed especially for you, with your own personal choice of colours and shapes. Whether you opt for a romantic, celestial show or a vibrant and dynamic display, your fireworks can be choreographed to the music of your choice, helping to end your wedding day on an explosive high.

If you’re not sure what to include in your firework display, the pyrotechnic experts at Entertainment Effects will be happy to advise you. We’ll also liaise with your venue to take care of all the red tape, making sure your display is safe and fully insured.

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For everything from indoor pyrotechnics to low fog for your wedding, contact Entertainment Effects. The special effects experts, we can design a bespoke effects package to suit your special day.

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